Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Hotline Redux - Tech...but mostly Bama

Let's face it, most of the DawgNation is looking anxiously towards Saturday at 4:00. So it was expected that last night's call in show would follow suit.

But a couple things I found interesting. First, this on Hutson Mason's role:
Conner in Bluffton (young caller) asks if Hutson Mason would be used, with so much on the line, if Aaron Murray were injured. Richt reiterates that Mason is trying to redshirt but he’s still getting reps as the #2 quarterback. Says Mason is in a state of readiness and would be ready and willing he believes if that situation arose. 
Makes you squirm a little thinking about it. But (assuming Richt, staff and Mason have discussed and hashed these potential scenarios out, which I'm sure they have) it's refreshing to know that the guy is ready to step in this late in the season and burn the redshirt. I'm sure the national stage helps, but the back up quarterback role this season helps as well.

And then this:
Eddie Vess asks why we don’t run the toss more. Richt says they call it “the Horn”, can be run out of the I formation or the pistol formation. The blocking is about the same. They’ve gotten really good at running the lead and a lot of teams want to line up their ends out wide. When they do the tendency is to try and run up the middle.
That to me is the Gurshall effect. Not that Gurley can't bust one out wide, but he can churn it up the middle and Marshall can be gone in a split second on a toss if the blocking is there. It puts a lot of pressure on the opposing defense to line up correctly.

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