Tuesday, November 13, 2012

It takes two...to stand nearly as tall as Herschel

I haven't grown tired of the "Gurshall" stuff. I think it's pretty cool actually. They're both very gifted players and seem to be just as great at being human beings. However, with all of our scientific advances in DNA and cloning, I'm still surprised that 30 years after the Goalline Stalker exited Sanford it still takes two to match his production, as Emerson lays out in this piece with the help of the UGA SID's office.
After 10 games, Gurley has 973 rushing yards, which already ranks third all-time for a Georgia freshman. It's actually second all time for a true freshman, as Knowshon Moreno's 1,334-yard season in 2007 came after a redshirt year. 
Walker's freshman record seems safe: Gurley would need a lot of yards to catch Walker, who had 1,616 yards as a freshman in 1980. 
But if you combine Gurley with freshman teammate Keith Marshall, then "Gurshall" have 1,598 yards, which is just 18 yards away from Herschel. The pair have already passed Herschel's touchdown total (15) from his freshman year. Gurley has 11 and Marshall has six.
Regardless, ultimately only championships matter. So in that category "Gurshall" has a ways to go...but they also have plenty of time to get there.

Read more here: http://www.ledger-enquirer.com/2012/11/12/2274440/gurshall-set-to-pass-herschel.html#storylink=c

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