Friday, November 16, 2012

Playoff?!?! Talkin' bout playoffs?!?

Ok all you playoff geeks, Travis Haney has your crack pipe. Light er up.
(5) Georgia at (4) Alabama
Bell's line: Tide by 13
Turns out, we'd get the see the SEC title game after all -- except it would be played in Bryant-Denny instead of UGA's backyard.

Some, including ESPN colleague Christian Fauria, are calling for the Bulldogs to beat Bama in December. I just don't see it. Georgia did break through for the first top-10 win in years when it beat Florida, but another one would seem to be a stretch.
We thought Alabama was invincible about a month ago, but that was before the Tide's schedule really picked up. There are now swirling questions about T.J. Yeldon's ball security and the ability of the team's corners to cover and tackle. Generally, the shine is off the crimson helmets right now.
Still, in a big game, it's difficult to fancy Georgia as an equal. Shaking off the A&M loss, Alabama gets back to what it does: running and playing defense. It grinds out a victory.
Our pick: Alabama 24, Georgia 10

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