Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Richt's goal, but on Richt's terms

We've discussed before the fact that Mark Richt is as polarizing a figure as there has ever been in University of Georgia athletics. So you're either going to read this as him lagging behind his contemporaries, or you're going to read it as another great article on a great man.
Everything with Richt runs through his faith. And through his faith comes perspective and patience.
"Do I want to win a national championship?" Richt said. "Sure I do. I want to win. Everybody who has ever won a national championship wanted to win the national championship. Everybody wants to win it.
"But it is about a process. Doing things right, fundamentally, schematically and football-wise. But hopefully [it's also about doing it] morally, within the rules of the game, educating young men, educating them academically, educating them about life, helping them understand right and wrong, how to be a good husband, how to be a good father, how to function in this society properly.
"I'm in the business of doing that. And you do that well for long enough maybe you have a chance to win a national championship.
"I want to win," he reiterated, "but it's all important to me."
I get all that. It makes me proud of our coach and proud of my alma mater. And yet I still see other programs running by. I'm as patient as they come and I believe in staying the course more than gut reactions. But the fact remains that we're still waiting...

I also realize it's not all about the head coach. There are plenty of other reasons programs in close proximity have earned their crystal ball ahead of the Georgia Bulldogs. So in that sense, Wetzel's article only scratches the surface.

But it all still begs the question: Will Georgia's nice guy ever finish first?


Fedup said...

Nice guys always finish last. 2nd place is the first place loser.

CornDawg said...

Truth. Won't happen with him at the helm. Glad things in Jax are turning around it appears. And nothing against him personally, but just not enough ther to go all the way.

Cole Skinner said...

You guys are really exhausting - and embarrassing. I'm glad CMR says in this article "apologize for WHAT?". You think because he's relaxed and kind you can just trash him because he never calls our fans out on it. He's like 135-39 or something in his career at Georgia, is about to take the team to its 5th SEC championship game in 12 or so years, and we're #5 in the country, and have just barely missed the NC game several times. Look at the record of every other Georgia coach - he's the best there has ever been, and the only reason you have room to complain is because CMR himself set the standard for excellence you compare him to.