Thursday, November 29, 2012

SECCG - 48hr preview featuring Malcolm Mitchell taking a knee

On Monday we talked about the two entrances: the one to start the game and the one coming out of halftime. Ever since publishing that post I've been ready to head to the Dome. Alas, here we still sit. So might as well take another temperature check.

Here's a collection of questions, thoughts and ramblings:
  • How many turnovers can we force? We're +15 in that category since Jacksonville. Can a disciplined team like Bama give us some freebies too?
  • I'm both uncomfortable and intrigued by all the talk of A&M's quarterback* this week. On one hand, Murray is a much better signal caller, better passer and is a veteran. On the other, the Aggies don't win that game without their little quarterback.
  • But the bottomline is that we're a much different and much better offense than A&M. So despite Murray's mobility I don't see us altering our offensive game plan around Bama's one loss this season.
  • That being said, if our offensive line starts to struggle we need to be ready to buy some time for Murray and his targets. So allow me one more time to point out that the QB Waggle is a play that has worked more times than not when we've run it.
  • But lets face it, Bobo doesn't need our help. He's got two great running backs, a quarterback that is having a great month to add to a great season and a stellar career, and depth at wide receiver despite a couple key injuries. We can stretch the field, if the o-line can hold their own...
  • And it's a credit to Coach Friend that I'm not overly worried about the offensive line. They've played well coming into what should be their second or third biggest test of the season.
  • I've failed to mention it earlier I believe, but Jamie Lindley has been a beast of late. Surely he can continue to nail those kickoffs deep from the GA Dome floor.
  • Speaking of special teams, they've been solid of late (knocks on head a little too vigorously). Richt's confidence in Morgan never wavered and mine is starting to follow suit. He's made a couple big field goals this season. The next one he lines up for will be the biggest of his young life, not to mention the team's season.
  • Another special thought: although punt coverage has been better, we're not exactly used to doing a whole lot of that each game. If this turns into a field position battle and low scoring, conservative affair...we better be ready.
Lastly, touchbacks are a good terrific thing. And Malcolm Mitchell, just like Christmas, that goes for giving and receiving.

*I'm sure a lot of Heisman voters read this blog, so I'm purposefully not mentioning the kid's name because it would be a friggin' travesty for ANY freshman to win that sucker after Herschel was hosed. Prissy ballot mongers...

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