Sunday, November 11, 2012

Sunday Thoughts - Auburn

Heading to Atlanta!

Not where we thought we'd be a few weeks ago. Which makes it even sweeter!

- Now that I've watched them for a full 60 minutes, Auburn is probably worse than I thought.
- With that said, I hope they give the guy a second term.
- Bobo had Murray carving up their secondary early and often. Haven't seen the official stats but I think he connected on his first 10 passes. And everyone got in on the action, from Conley and the wide outs to both tight ends. Great birthday performance for Murray.
- And as expected, Gurshall went off too. They easily went over 200 yards yet again. The line opened up the holes and our tailbacks took advantage.
- Speaking of which, offensive line did a great job, even without their leader Burnette. Murray got hit once and had to go out briefly, but overall great protection and superb run blocking.
- Auburn never really threatened to score after their first drive. It was a complete game by the defense. Grantham really has his unit hitting on all cylinders.
- Jarvis with his standard couple of sacks and another great game by Ogletree. He and Rambo seemed to be everywhere the ball carrier was.
- And perhaps most importantly, a great game for the special teams. Kicks and coverage were outstanding!
- All in all, it was the game we both expected and hoped for on the plains. Much more barking than towel waving. Go Dawgs!

Was hoping Bama would keep steam rolling through to Atlanta, but A&M just would not cooperate. The Tide is vulnerable to a good offense and an attacking defense. I'm eager to see how we stack up against the conference's elite team.

But first there's Southern and Tech. Neither of which should be taken lightly. Just ask Nick Saban about the former and North Carolina about the latter.

So ready yourselves Dawg fans. The stretch run is here. Let's get after it!

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