Sunday, November 4, 2012

Sunday thoughts on coming home

Great day to hang in Athens. Great weather, great friends, great game. Let's talk about it.
  • How cool was it to see Prez Adams LAST homecoming game? I nearly cried some happy tears!!
  • Amazing game for Aaron Murray. Granted, a slow start. But really stood in there and delivered the ball even after getting treated like a crash test dummy for a while. That pass to T King at the end of the 1st half was a rope, perfectly delivered. Great field vision. Impressive night.
  • While I'm handing out kudos, Tree deserves a couple. I called him out this week and he responded with an amazing game. That safety was a thing of beauty. #9 just exploded on the ball carrier. Finished with 11 tackles, two for loss, an INT and a sack. 
  • Hope Marlon Brown is okay.
  • The biggest stat/point of the day: 11 possessions and 76 yards. That's what Ole Miss got after they went up 10-0. The defense really throttled down and smothered them. Made the Ole Miss offense one dimensional and added pressure and intensity to the game.
  • The pistol was back, but was only half cocked.
Ok, I was wrong on my Florida predicted loss. But it'll just make next week that much sweeter.

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Michael Lewis said...

You were almost right about Florida! Was a close one!