Sunday, November 25, 2012

Sunday Thoughts on Wrecksgiving Day

Georgia Tech is not a very good team. But that doesn't take anything away from the Nerd Fry we saw yesterday.
Flag boy no match for Tree.

  • Bacarri Rambo had the play of the game getting the ball out as Tech was marching early in the first quarter. That kind of set the tone right there: nothing was going to come easy for the Yellow Jackets. Rambo finished with two forced fumbles and a pick, which gave him his 16th career interception and tied him with Jake Scott's all time mark.
  • Another terrific game for Bobo, Murray, Gurshall and the offense as a whole. Come to think of it, scoring 63 seconds into the game off a four play drive pretty much set the tone for the day.
  • Gurley and Marshall each went for two scores and 163 yards combined. Gurley needs just two more rushing touchdowns to break Herschel's freshman mark set back in 1980.
  • DickSamIV....all Dawg. And your money is never needed in Athens. (fistbump)
All in all Georgia Tech was clearly out-matched. When Tree came off the snap clean he was practically a one man wrecking crew, ending the game with 15 total tackles. The physicality was good to see heading into our biggest challenge of the season.

Now, the rest of this isn't going to be easy to stomach if you're a student.

The Paint Line called for a blackout. I supported that because 1) it didn't involve a costume change for the players and a gulp of fake juice going against a 6-5 team, and 2) anything that helps get the students/fans in the seats on time is alright by me.

Unfortunately, a large number of students didn't bother coming at all. They were neither on time to cheer on their senior players in their last game at Sanford, nor in the stands at all as Aaron Murray became the only SEC quarterback to pass for 3000 yards in consecutive seasons.

Show me all the calendars with Thanksgiving so close to the game all you want. Cry me a river about family obligations and holidays and dorm rooms and a crappy opponent and noon kickoffs. I don't give a shit. You failed. Those of you that were there should be ashamed of your classmates and I'm very sorry that you're getting lumped into this. You deserve better.

But more importantly, so did the seniors. And so did this team.

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