Sunday, November 18, 2012

Sunday's triple option thoughts

Holy crap. It just got real up in here. Some thoughts from Sanford and then what happened in Waco and Eugene.

- the game went as expected and almost just as I predicted. Difficult opening stanza, then we just willed them to our authority.
- if you are unsettled by the thought of what happened in the first half, then you should take pride in two things: 1) the way the team scored to go up 10 at the end of the 2nd quarter and 2) the halftime adjustments that continue to be spot on for Todd Grantham. The linebacker play was okay in the first half but was spectacular in the second. Just changing their pre snap alignment a bit made a big difference.
- that being said, the chop block personal foul before their missed field goal really helped things get off track for Southern.
- Aaron Murray y'all....ho hum. 18/28 for 330. And his deep throws continue to be one his greatest improvements and strongest assets this season.
- we struggled to open up holes for Gurley, at least more than I thought we would. Heath and Chris warned me about that #66; he'll be on an NFL roster before its all said and done. But the exception early was that first touchdown run. Line of scrimmage opened up like the parting of the Red Sea.
- interested to hear exactly what happened on Marshall's FG attempt from 52 yards. I guess he just got under it too much. That was a wacky play. And a heads up play by the defender to be able to catch it and return it like that. Just more proof that they are a well coached team.
- yesterday was no easy task for the team, especially on the defensive side of things. I would expect it to take things much easier this week in preparing for Tech.

Ok, so the landscape changed a whole lot last night. We talked about the possibility earlier this week, but now its a certainty that if Alabama and Georgia can take care of business against Auburn and the engiNerds respectively, the SECCG becomes a play in game for the national title. Both games were hard fought, and in the very least KSU and OSU are more than worthy of being in the BCS discussion. But both games should serve notice to Dawg fans and players alike, to be the best you have to be up to the challenge every weekend.

If it was possible, the game this weekend against our in state rival just got even bigger.

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Melanie said...

Anyone else annoyed that everyone is talking about Florida being in a BCS game and not us? We BEAT them for crying out loud! We should go before them!