Friday, November 2, 2012

The WLOCP '12 Tailgate video

You remember that guy with the sideburns that was on TV behind Aaron Murray post-game? Well, we got him in this one. We also got Derrick, some guy named Amp disguised as Tony...and Uncle Bo!! Unfortunately Robert was too busy defending his turf to be captured on film. But we do have more dancing (this time on tables!!) and evidently I play drums.

Also, you're going to see me do something disturbing in the blooper outtakes at the end. I only ask that you withhold judgment until I can explain the situation in its entirety. Enjoy.

As always, Dawg fans win the tailgate. As for why I would pour my drink into a gator fan's cup, lemme explain what you didn't see and more importantly what you didn't likely hear. It was a long argument. She wanted a refill but her cohorts refused to help her out. I'm a gentleman raised in the South, but I do have certain limitations when it comes to providing alcohol to floriDuh fans. I assured her I would give her the rest of my drink if she gave me a "Go Dawgs!. After much deliberation she obliged.

Quid pro quo. No harm and no foul. Especially since I had just absconded with said drink from a gator tailgate. So before the Dawgs even took the field we were up 2-0. #winning


Tyler Dawgden said...

You tailgate with some very interesting people.

namaman said...

Doesn't he though... Many more things on the blooper reel that coulda made it, but 10 min was the max. I did have more with Robert - Defender of the Bathrooms, but that stayed on the cutting room floor. Good times!!!

Bernie said...

I spring for double sessions with my therapist during football season.