Thursday, November 8, 2012

War Damn Curfew

Personally, I think Coach Chizik lost control of his team back in August when he allowed them to look like this...

h/t Andrew they prepared for their 2012 season. But they've clearly reached a new level of fail focus for this week's rivalry game with Georgia now that the head guy has instituted curfew checks during the week. He's so serious about it they've hired a security firm to handle the door knob twisting.
Stanley Dallas, the Auburn Regional Manager of the Event Operations Group, confirmed members of his staff are working in conjunction with members of Auburn’s football player development department to “enforce” player curfews throughout the week.
The Event Operations Group, Inc. is a “national full service event management, staffing, and security provider,” according to its website. The firm is used by facilities across the country, including at Auburn and other SEC schools such as Ole Miss and Mississippi State, to staff on-campus events in a variety of capacities including security, parking attendants and stadium ushers.... 
How many members of the EOG are used in the operation, their works hours, compensation and level of training is unclear. When called by the Advertiser for additional information, Dallas said he would have to check with his corporate office to see what he could disclose. 
It's clear they're saving money now that they aren't paying players. At least I hope they're not paying players with a 2-7 record. But since Trooper Taylor and Curtis Luper (supposedly) aren't on the road anymore, don't they have time for the bed checks? You know, save a little cash for whatever sperm $cam left on the plains.

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Bernie said...

Thanks. Luckily, Jarvis DNA > Cam DNA. :)