Monday, December 3, 2012

A "corn cob worst of the week"...??

Boy, doesn't take long for the Huskers to start with the trash talk. We've already made a ballot for worst of the week.


This nomination came in before the Nebraska game, so we're obliged to include it. You've got the ball at the eight yard line with 15 seconds left. Clock is running and no timeouts. Most teams would spike the ball. Not the Bulldogs. They throw a pass in the flat that gets tipped and caught at the five. over. You have two options in that situation: throw it into the endzone or throw it incomplete. Yeah, the ball was tipped, but would it have made the end zone otherwise?
Okay...yeh, it wasn't thrown in the flat. It was directed there though, so I give Husker Mike a half point for creativity. And to his credit, most of the nominations for "cob of the week" stem from their epic fail against Wisconsin. But seriously, Georgia was mere yards away from going at least another year before even remembering what conference Nebraska was in. Luckily, at the time of this posting, the Bulldogs had yet to receive a vote.

Whew. See y'all in Orlando.

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