Friday, December 14, 2012

Bowl Season is upon us!

You know those people that stand in line to purchase a phone? You know the ones that get up at all hours of the morning to shop on the day after Thanksgiving? Or how about the ones that wear orange to football games?

Well, I would never do any of those things. But I recognize that those people must have a certain level of excitement in them to help them cross that line towards insanity. And that's how I feel about bowl season. Are many of the games just a glorified crap sandwich? Sure. But I love college football, ergo I love being able to tune in each day and watch some of it for the better part of a month.

So, it all starts tomorrow at 1pm with the Gildan New Mexico Bowl from Albuquerque between Arizona and Nevada. And that means there is but a few hoursto enter the third annual bowl pool here at Bernie's Dawg Blawg, Festivus4theDawgNus. It's a "confidence" pool, so just select your winners and how many points to assign to each pick. Winner gets a Festivus t-shirt.

What do you mean by confidence points Bernie? And why is the spread listed on each bowl? Am I picking based on the spread? Also, while we're at it, what is a "spread"? Glad you asked:

  • A spread is the number one team is favored over the other. The spread for the CapOne Bowl is Georgia -10.5, so the Dawgs are favored to win by that many points. They'd have to win by 11 points for a bet on Georgia to win.
  • However, our pool isn't based on the spread. It's a confidence pool. You pick each winner and assign a number of points to each based on the confidence you have that you're right. So I picked Georgia to win the CapOne Bowl and gave it a 35. In other words, that is the pick I'm most confident in, and if I'm right I'll get 35 points for that selection. If I'm wrong I'll curse a lot and get zero points.
  • So the spread that is listed is just for your information and to help you in making picks.
Thanks. Lastly, what is Festivus? Infidel! Leave! At once! You obviously don't read my blog or have better than average skills in remote control usage. Therefore this pool is too deep, no picks for you!
The rest of enter, CLICK HERE and then submit the password - thehumanfund. After that, all that is left is to make sure the beer fridge is full.

*You have until the day after Christmas to enter, but any picks prior to that date would be locked already, which greatly hinders your chances at the t-shirt but still allows you to display some feats of strength.

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