Sunday, December 2, 2012

Coach Richt confronts the "king"

UPDATE: just as lovely as Coach Richt defending his players is his disposal of the gatorade bottles before the presser began. I think Driskel just fumbled again.
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You should watch the whole thing, but in the very least fast forward to around 13:50 where the 680 the fan asshat Chuck Oliver, self described "king" of college football, makes a fool of himself. And then Richt returns to the microphone after leaving to stand up for his team and his quarterback just a little more.
(post edit - original video was evidently taken down. But this one shows everything you need to see/hear.)

If you listen to his show, I have no idea why. But if you tune in Monday, just remember that you just helped him improve his ratings, and thereby supported his question to Coach Richt.

I guess what I'm asking you to do is, especially in times like these, support your team. Not dipshit radio jocks.