Monday, December 10, 2012

Is Butch Jones Santa Claus?

The guy has the potential to be my favorite Tennessee coach since Layla left town.
Reports out of Alabama and Tennessee indicate Tommy Thigpen, recently fired at Auburn, is a potential candidate for Jones' defensive staff. Another ex-Auburn defensive assistant, Willie Martinez, was mentioned Saturday by various sources as a likely addition.
If Thigpen and Martinez both are hired, the defensive portion of the staff would appear to be set if Jones brings coordinator John Jancek and defensive line coach Steve Stripling from his Cincinnati staff.
Seriously, Jancek as defensive coordinator would be more than enough. But please don't let that word spread up in the hills. If Jones can somehow find room for John Fabris to coordinate special teams I might never stop smiling.


JaxDawg05 said...

Two words, directional kicks.

AthensHomerDawg said...

17 million to fire SOD and pay Butch but that includes his 500,000 signing bonus and the 1.5 million buyout . Past two year contracts for staff.... don't know what the last DC is gonna cost. 5 million in the red ...... serious dinero. Do they not have lawyers and CPA's in Knoxvegas? Is Obama running the budget up there in them thar hills? At this rate can they continue to add two cokes and a hotdog with each ticket purchase? Bless they hearts indeed.