Sunday, December 30, 2012

Keith Marshall's windmill vs the Huskers

Sounds like Bobo has designs of getting Keith Marshall in space for the upcoming Capital One Bowl against Nebraska Tuesday. The Huskers gave up just short of 4500 yards rushing to Wisconsin in the B1G Championship game. Here's what the Georgia offensive coordinator had to say about #4 going up against that defense:
“We’ve got a big plan for Keith in this game and expect him to make plays and play well in this game,” Bobo said. “He’s running good. I think the little bit of time off has helped him. He’s had some knee soreness the whole season and I think the rest has helped him. He’ll be fresh and ready to go on Tuesday.”
So, given all of this, I just have two questions: will we see more of Marshall's windmill, and can this come true?

Stat to the Future??: Keith Marshall - 12 carries, 278 yards 
and 3 touchdowns against Huskers. Dawgs finish with two 1000 yd rushers.

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