Sunday, December 16, 2012

Morgan kicking through it

This is a nice reflective piece by Paschall on kicker Marshall Morgan. It covers the highs and lows and you learn a little but about his competitive spirit. Take this for example:
He missed a 37-yard attempt against Florida and missed badly on a 47-yarder against Ole Miss, but his least favorite try was a 51-yard miss against Georgia Southern. Darreion Robinson was waiting in the back of the end zone and caught Morgan's short kick, and he ran the ball out for a 59-yard return to Georgia's 41-yard line before Morgan made the tackle.
"It was a perfect snap and a perfect hold, and I should have gotten it," Morgan said. "It was a windy day, and I was already mad as it was. Just to have a guy return my kick really got under my skin."
Good stuff. About the only thing not covered is Morgan and Lindley's job on kickoffs. Together they averaged 40% touchbacks on 85 kickoffs. That's only good enough for middle of the road nationally. But Lindley was really booming them towards the end of the season. He had five touchbacks alone against Tech and was the primary guy on kickoffs.

Next season the job will be Morgan's alone. His best game was his first; against Buffalo he had five touchbacks on seven tries. So he has the power, and certainly had the control as he has yet to kick one out of bounds in 33 tries.


Justin Love said...

morgan is a favorite of mine. as are all of our latest round of kickers, especially walsh. the fact we can, as fans, have such confidence in our kickers; speaks largely about the quality of Mark Richt and what he's done with them.

Bernie said...

Sometimes I wonder how much Walsh would agree with that, given that he was often blamed for the failings of "directional kicking" and had to put up with the insanity behind the coaching staff's obsession with it. Regardless, I too am glad to see him doing well. He's obviously "straightened out" anything that was going on his senior season in Athens. Great guy, and a great kicker for sure!