Sunday, December 2, 2012

Sunday's thoughts on the 5 yard hole in my heart

I can't put into words how deeply disappointed I am, any more than I can imagine how deeply disappointed the team is. It's going to be hard to trudge along today. But hopefully some good news comes later on. We'll see.

Pain. Heartbreak. Agony. (via AJC Compton)
- There will be a ton of hand wringing and second guessing over the way the game ended and the management of the clock. That's understood. But make no mistake about it, this game was won by Bama's offensive line. They created holes in the defense all night. Lacy went for 180, Yeldon nearly matched that. They were even better than advertised and did all of that against the best defensive line they've played against.
- I'll tell you honestly one big difference I saw in this team as opposed to the last Georgia team to play Alabama: when we went up 21-10 after Tree's touchdown, the team maintained their business like composure. Were they just as electrified as the crowd when the kick was blocked? Sure. But there was no dancing around and celebrating and towel waving afterwards. The crowd may not have realized that Bama was no where near done, but the team understood that the game was far from over. As I watched the sideline I couldn't help but be impressed by their focus.
- I'd also like to commend the crowd on the energy and noise level. My ears were ringing as I left. Both sides really helped create an atmosphere that was one of the most electric and exciting I've ever witnessed.
- And in many ways that matched the play on the field. This was an epic game. The absolute two best teams in America battling toe to toe with EVERYTHING on the line. That makes the result that much harder to swallow, but the experience of being there is something I'll never forget.

As much as I'd really like to forget it right now. I'm really hoping the Cotton Bowl does the right thing and takes us as their SEC team. I think they'd be pleasantly surprised by the Georgia turnout. As much as the team has earned the opportunity to play in a BCS game, that's just not going to happen. A trip to Texas and a chance to play in Jerryworld would be a good reward for a team that will be left out in the cold.

And after last night, there's absolutely no way I'd miss a chance to cheer this team on again. No. Way.