Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Two weeks to the minute until kickoff

It is exactly 1:00pm on December 18th. There are just 14 days until the Georgia Bulldogs play again. It has dawned on me finally that we are that close to the Capital One Bowl. And yet I have done little to nothing to prepare.

There are a number of real life reasons as to why that is the case. Kids are time destroyers and during the month of December there is something almost every night. But the main reason goes all the way back to the first day of the month. I have as yet been unwilling to let go. I'm a mess, a coward, a miserable fan just wanting to wallow in a pile of pity.

But that changes today. This evening I will do two things: 1) I will move the SECCG tickets that have been lying on the table in my house where I put them that night, and place them someplace where they are not a daily torment and reminder, and 2) I will finally watch the game from my DVR library and remove it from my tortured soul.

Tomorrow took two and half weeks to get here. The game in Orlando is just a bowl against a Big 12 B1G team, but it is one that deserves some attention. So tomorrow I will wear my big boy pants again, stop crying and be free to give the Cornhuskers the consideration they deserve.

Wish me luck. Go Dawgs!

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R.t. Dewart said...

Just practice shucking corn BD...Dawgs rule in Orlando!