Saturday, January 28, 2012

Recruiting Roundup: 4 days til NSD

Some developments this week has insured that this year's NSD liveblog will exceed the previous three, as is tradition. Each year we get a little bigger in the coverage we're able to bring from the floor of Butts-Mehre Heritage Hall. I'll have more details later. But rest assured...if you're not able to come to Athens, you can get up to the second updates, pictures and videos (plus maybe more...) right here.

Speaking of developments, a new name surfaced late Thursday as a potential "sign and place" for the class of 2012. Davonte Lambert is a defensive end out of Burke County (state AAA champion) that is likely heading to Georgia Military or Hutchison Community College (where current prospect Cordarrelle Patterson is finishing up), but Georgia, Troy and LSU are interested in his future services. Richt and staff were able to get Lambert on campus last night.

Josh Dawson's in home visit is tonight. He's the Vandy commit that has recently been mesmerized by Grantham's awesomeness. Here's Radi Nabulsi's recent interview with the Tucker HS star. Which program does he feel needs him the most ($$)?

Happy Birthday UGA!

h/t Dawgtoons

I loved watching this video of UGA and Athens, circa 1947. Sure you will as well.

Friday, January 27, 2012

Happy Birthday OC7!

Damn Good Dawg! Beware NFL safeties. Beware.

SEC Today - 1/27/12

Host Hannah Chalker preps us for tomorrow's Senior Bowl in Mobile AL.

Recruiting Roundup: 5 days til NSD

Some nuggets to stir into your coffee.
Kenderious Whitehead
  • Will Adams says he received a UGA offer yesterday when Georgia coaches visited Sandy Creek HS. Most experts agree that what is being reported didn't actually happen. Sounds like there was some miscommunication. Adams is a Tech commit.
  • Speaking of Sandy Creek, the Jaquay Williams visit went really well yesterday. Still going to be a tough one to pull from Auburn. They've been in it a while. But Georgia coaches gave the play making wide receiver a lot to think about.
  • Brandon Greene also had a visit from UGA yesterday. He evidently knows where he's going, but we won't until Wednesday around 9am.
  • It's also not over with Kenderious Whitehead. Georgia coaches made a strong pitch Tuesday and the NC State commit just has to decide whether he'd like to put his hand in SEC dirt and make plays in Grantham's 3-4, or make them in Raleigh in relative obscurity.
  • Sean Price (as of last night) will NOT be visiting Athens. South Florida coaches evidently convinced him not to come. Oh well.
Let's play rank the prospects. Here's how I would rank them.
  1. Avery Young - (OL) Based simply on the fact that we have to have linemen. Have to.
  2. Josh Harvey-Clemons - (OLB) Georgia's top uncommitted prospect.
  3. Cordarrelle Patterson - (WR) Difference maker, plain and simple.
  4. Sheldon Dawson - (DB) Top defensive back on Lakatos' board.
  5. Brandon Greene (OL) - This one won't be over until the ink is dry.
  6. Jaquay Williams - (WR) Auburn commit is lending an ear Richt's way.
  7. Josh Dawson - (OLB) Vandy commit is liking what Grantham is doing.
  8. Kenderious Whitehead - (DE) Really likes UGA, but enough to dump NC State?
What order would you put them in? If I had to guess at this point I think we get both Dawsons, JHC and probably Avery Young. But the only one I feel comfortable about right now is S. Dawson. And maybe Harvey-Clemons.  Regardless, the last few days are going to be a fun ride.

Thursday, January 26, 2012

Recruiting Roundup: 6 days til NSD

Today's news and notes.
  • Coach Richt helped Josh Harvey-Clemons bond some jailbirds out last night while in Valdosta. JHC is said to be a good lean towards Athens. He'll visit Miami this weekend.
  • The flirtation with Georgia from Graham Shuler was short-lived. By the time most of you read yesterday's post he had already woken up and decided to stick with Stanford. Coupled with the loss of Chester Brown earlier this week the decision of Avery Young looms even larger. Even with Mark Beard on campus already CMR must sign some quality depth and starters on the offensive line next week.
  • One of the reasons Georgia is still in the running for Jaquay Williams is that the Dawgs are "wide-receiver friendly". Richt and Co. will visit the Sandy Creek star today.
Some things to watch for the next few days:
Cedar Grove's
Brandon Greene
  • Can Richt get an in home visit with Brandon Greene? The Cedar Grove offensive lineman pissed Saban off by visiting Athens a few weeks ago. If Georgia can get into the home as well then they might just have enough momentum to flip him from Bama to all Dawg.
  • Richt will be able to sit ($$) on Josh Dawson's sofa on Saturday. It's about 50/50 between Vandy and Georgia. Commodore coaches visited Dawson yesterday, but Coach Franklin didn't make the trip. As long as this in home doesn't fall through, I like our chances.
  • As far as the other target named Dawson, it appears as if Sheldon would pick UGA today if today were next Wednesday. He looks like he'll announce on Monday.
  • Sean Price is scheduled to come to town this weekend for an official visit. He's the tight end from Citra FL. He's supposedly wanting to stay close to home and will be hard to sway from his USF commitment. But he'll bring his grandparents (also his legal guardians) with him to Athens. So he's giving Georgia a real shot here.

Letters to McGarity

Ok, full disclosure. I'm bitter. I watched the Kentucky minor league basketball team dismantle the Hoop Dawgs the other night and was thankful that Raylan needed my help in Harlan County for much of the second half as a distraction. I hate Kentucky. And as I've mentioned before my Dawg Fandom truly began one night my first sophomore year in Stegeman Coliseum. I desperately want our hoops team to succeed, yet despite their fight and their vigor they just couldn't match up against the behemoth that is Craplari's suit.

Anyway, to make matters worse I couldn't help but notice that the PA system in the Steg is using the same "song" that bastardized the experience in Sanford this Fall. Something called "Kernkraft 400" by a group called "Zombie Nation". It's dumb. It's juvenile. And the use of it at sporting events is born from the loins of ACC country. To hear it on the flats makes me laugh. To hear it in Athens makes me queasy.
....not worth living in.

So as promised, here's my stock letter re: the nerd song that now plays 'tween the hedges AND over the hardwood. You can adopt it, alter it, or simply join the engiNerds and jump around til your zombie nation heart is content. But in the end, how comfortable you are living underneath a flag that is HALF red and black is your own business. Indeed...what you choose to do at this point is up to you.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Mr. McGarity,

I would like to start off by saying how pleased my family and I are that you are the director of UGA athletics. As alumni and fans that frequent many UGA events you have our full support. We've noticed your presence at many events and competitions and admire your hands on style.

All season long I noticed a particular song that, although not offensive in most ways, isn't suitable for a Sanford Stadium experience. I realize that these decisions are likely contracted out, but the Kernkraft 400 song (by a band called Zombie Nation I believe) is actually a part of the Georgia Tech and the ACC culture. Tech and other ACC stadiums I've visited play the song over the loud speakers and the students jump up and down. It's a unique sight and experience...for them. I actually had a chance to go to the Tech game against Virginia Tech back in November. As I watched the jumping and listened to the "noise" I was saddened that this is a level that Sanford Stadium has sunk to. At the same time I acknowledge and support the fact that most if not all Dawg fans refuse to "participate" in the song.

Please understand, I'm very glad that we're not one of those programs that plays the offensive rap lyrics for all fans especially those with young ears. And to be fair, when I was in Oxford earlier this season they played the song too (presumably because they are contracting with the same organization). I would just ask that we pull it for next season in the very least.

After all, we're Dawgs. Not nerds. Thanks for your time.


- - - - - - - - - - - - - 

ADDENDUM - sorry, I assumed everyone had AD McGarity's email. If not, click here and it will direct you to the UGA Athletic directory. Happy typing!

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Recruiting Roundup: 7 days til NSD

One week from today! Don't blink, there's too much to get to.
  • Scout's "Commitment Tracker" is out. You can see where their experts predict the top prospects will sign next Wednesday.
  • A day after Chester Brown decommits it looks like Georgia is making a strong push for Graham Shuler. According to DawgPost's Simmons ($), the Stanford commit is listening and might just flip at the last minute to play next to Theus in Athens. He's a 4-star guy from Tennessee's Brentwood Academy and has the size (6'5" around 280) to play guard or grow into a tackle spot. If you're hungry for pancakes, check this out.

  • A herd of Dawg coaches spent almost all of Tuesday trying to steer Kenderious Whitehead away from his NC State commit. Today they'll work on Jaquay Williams. That one seems 50/50 between Auburn and Georgia.
  • But Richt will also find time to go to church tonight with the state's top uncommitted prospect, Josh Harvey-Clemons. Boom-MotherEffer got a similar opportunity last month with JHC. And Jimbo wanted Wednesday's seat, but Richt had the pew reserved. If that doesn't help seal the deal there I don't know what will. 
  • Lastly, a great daily feature going on over at DawgNation as they talk to a former Georgia player about his recruitment each day. Yesterday was Kelin Johnson. ($)

Humpday Hilarity - Fixit Flowchart

Can always count on Mac to send some good stuff. And I thought this flowchart was quite timely considering so many of us are trying to catch up with our "honey-do-it!!" lists now that football season is over.

It has certainly helped save me a lot of time so far...

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Recruiting Roundup: 8 days til NSD

Some updates for your Tuesday morning. (All BOLD links are to pay sites)
Cape Coral's Tyreece Jiles
  • Chester Brown has decommitted. He's a large Samoan OL out of Hinesville GA. He committed after Dawg Night back in July and was especially proud to get the an offer from Richt. Brown mentioned the change of heart had to do with family issues, nothing bad between him and the Georgia coaches. The implication is that had to do with his citizenship status.
  • Josh Harvey Clemons' recruitment is going down to the finish line. Two quick updates on him. He evidently loved his FSU visit enough to make it a three team race with Florida and Georgia. Also, he'll announce on ESPN February 1st at 9am.
  • Dalvin Tomlinson will not visit UGA and doesn't feel like that will be a factor in his decision. Sounds like he's about made up his mind. He'll wait and announce at his school on NSD, sometime around mid-morning.
  • The Memphis DB Duo (Dawson and Redmond) are giving UGA serious consideration. Last week we talked about Kenneth Crawley. Well also keep an ear out for Tyreece Jiles. Georgia is trying to get the UNC commit on campus this weekend
  • What about Jaquay Williams' visit? Well Chizik didn't give the athletic wideout much time to process as he met with Williams at Sandy Creek HS on Monday. And Williams was decked out in Auburn colors. Do with that what you will.
  • Cordarrelle Patterson is down to three schools, but isn't saying which two schools of the five he has cut (Ole Miss, Georgia, LSU, Auburn and Tennessee).  Patterson will announce on signing day. LSU recruiting writer Sonny Shipp believes it'll make Les Miles happy
Lace em up tight. We don't need anyone stumbling here near the end.

Dawgs vs Wildcats, preview

Tonight, 8pm at the Steg. Get your tickets here. Student tickets are only $2, available online or at the Bookstore until 3pm.

On the Air with Coach Fox

On the Air with Coach Calipari

Monday, January 23, 2012

Monday's Meatloaf - the enigmatic awkwardness of medical intimacy

Apparently I missed a family memo sometime last year as heart surgery became as commonplace as fried catfish in my family. Dad flew through with flying colors, nephew aced his like a champ and my uncle completed the family trifecta last week. But the writing was in the chili and I can read, despite reports to the contrary. I figured I better go visit the doc.

Breathe easy Bernie.
After checking with my local politicians and congressional "representatives" to see if I qualified for healthcare I asked the wife to remind me where our doctor set up shop. Once there they put me through the usual routine: sat me in a waiting room 30 minutes past my appointment time. Weighed me. Made me piss in a little cup. Made me wait another 15 minutes. Took my blood. Hooked me up to a machine. Tried to confuse me with four and a half pages of forms that ask you your name every 10 questions. Weighed me again. Sent me to x-ray. Scheduled a stress test. And then...

Well, after "skipping" about 4 years worth of physicals I had somehow forgotten about the whole "turn your head and cough" portion of the exam. What's worse is then the test goes all Fletch on you and you're asking Doc if he's ever served time in between verses of Moon River.

In the end, acing the stress test brought my overall physical exam to a C-. Which is to say Mrs. Bernie will raise my cholesterol 10 points by hassling me about each bourbon I pour while lowering it 15 points by serving fish on steak night. One step back, two steps forward. Or did I get that backwards.

Drop your shorts and bend over Mr. Babar.....You using the whole fist Doc? Ugh. Pass the gravy and let's all get to the lunch table. 

Today's Ingredients
Coming soon to a running
lane near you?
  • Not a good weekend for Fox's Dawgs on the hardwood.
  • Along that line, Hoopdawg breaks down the loss to Ole Miss.
  • Luckily the women were able to avoid Admiral Ackbar's trap. Easily.
  • Weiszer brings us the Dooley and Richt reactions to Joe Paterno's passing.
  • In case you missed it, Streit has begun a series looking back at the careers of some Damn Good Dawgs. Here's his take on Brandon Boykin.
  • Remember leading up to the SECCG when Richt couldn't stop talking about LSU fullback JC Copeland's size and ability to clear the running lane? Well, sUGAr falling is hearing Mike Thornton may move to fullback.
  • the Senator observes the Phil Steele's returning starter numbers for the SEC. Should Lil Dools find enough coaches for his tackle football team, they should have the most experienced group to work know, assuming no one else leaves the program.
  • Over at Leather Helmet there's another podcast up where Socrates and the guys set things up for the stretch run on Recruiting Rd.
  • Kipp Adams has a complete rundown ($$) of who the top remaining targets are for the Dawgs.
  • Meanwhile Chad Simmons tell us that Memphis hotshot Sheldon Dawson could announce sometime soon ($$).
  • Gene Chizik pries Addazio's right hand man from Temple.
  • Over on the flats, the engiNerds are sick of losing recruits to other schools so now they're just dropping them. Even ones that have been truly committed. 
  • Lastly, last week I told you about a new children's book centered on Hairy Dawg, written by Josh and Wendy Torres. Now they are making This Little Dawg available to you at 20% off until the end of January. Click here to order and use this code when checking out -  JWJAN12.

Now that college football season has drawn to a close, I've sent Darren the Intern on a new assignment. Over the next few months he will update us on Atlanta suburbanites' use of the infamous Peach Pass lane. This morning I have him straddling the concrete lane divider just north of Pleasant Hill Rd. I think he's set up, let's check in:
HERO unit express lane!
Bernie: Darren...are you there? How's the pay lane looking this dreary Monday morning?
Darren: Well sir, so far the HERO units outnumber the rush timers 4 to 1. Also saw one bicycle rider as well. So I guess it's 4-1-1. Ha ha.
Bernie: Terrific. And what do the "free" lanes look like?
Darren: Pretty congested. Another 15-20 minutes and they'll be at a standstill. Can someone at headquarters bring me some coffee?
Bernie: I just poured the last cup Darren. Sorry about that. See ya at lunch. And don't forget to set up the webcam for next week's update.
Darren: But I could really - [transmission drops]

What a great kid. Has a real future in hard hitting journalism, assuming he eventually gives up pursuing his degree in Enigmatology like yesterday's word jumble. 

Or he might pursue accounting as he's also been keeping close tabs on the donations during this month's pledge drive. Thanks to those of you who've taken the opportunity to pass along some cash. Still a couple weeks left, and I truly appreciate your support. We might even buy Darren an umbrella for next week's Peach Pass Update. Or some worcestershire sauce for the meatloaf. Until then, here's a napkin Reader. Your stress test awaits.


Beer of the Week: Midnight Train to Duluth

Actually, this is Beer of Last Week. Just couldn't get the post finished Friday night.

Allow me another chance to plug Duluth's Best of Brews. It's Thomas Creek month at the Gwinnett growler stop. And if you're not familiar with this brewery they do a lot of "freelance" work brewing recipes for others. For instance, I believe Decatur's Wild Heaven brews it's beers through Thomas Creek among others. In addition, Thomas Creek has their own selection of great craft beer including Up the Creek and Dockside Pilsner.

All that to say, Greg at Best of Brews had Thomas Creek brew this special beer for his patrons. Midnight Train to Duluth is obviously a tribute to the train tracks that run right through the city's stylish downtown. And the beer chugs along well too.

Listed as a cream ale, I had some preconceived notions of a sweet beer with a lot of flavors. And I pick up some caramel on the aroma after the pour. Overall this does have plenty of flavor, lots of vanilla and malty caramel give each taste a creaminess. But the taste doesn't linger long, as the vanilla dissipates leaving a sticky goodness on your lips and tongue.

In the interest of full disclosure, I love vanilla. I like to think I'm one of the major reasons Vanilla Coke lasted a full three years instead of one. Plus Breckinridge's Vanilla Porter is one of my favorite beers overall. The vanilla taste in that one is deep and smooth. I get that with Midnight but it takes a little more work. And although I drank both of those this weekend I should refrain from comparing them because they are vastly different. 

The Midnight has more alcohol and there are times when you can taste that a little too much. Once it warmed up some it was a little easier to pick up the roastiness and the malt flavor. I like the way the vanilla doesn't overwhelm the ale, simply gives it an anchor on your taste buds.

Final thoughts: this one is very drinkable, smooth and packs a nice punch at 6% ABV. My guess is that Midnight Train to Duluth is a heartier version of the Thomas Creek "Vanilla Cream Ale", but I've never had the latter. The Midnight is a little pricier than I expected, but a good brew nonetheless.

**Since Son of a Peach is the official brew of BDB, I feel it necessary to pass along that Best of Brews will have it starting sometime this week. Get there before I do or it might be gone.

Just kidding. Not really.

Sunday, January 22, 2012

On Commings' faceplant

I don't know what Sanders Commings' future holds. It shouldn't be easy going through something like this. I hope he's squirming around more than a little as to his status on the roster in the very least. An arrest of any nature puts a lot of pressure on Coach Richt and the UGA administration. And despite what some papers and blogs would prefer you to believe, I'm glad we have someone like Richt who will go through the process with everyone's best interest at heart. Not just his depth chart in hand.

Commings entertained the idea of going pro, but he stands a chance to gain more than any of the others by returning another season. Especially with Rambo coming back which all but assures he'll get plenty of time where he truly wants to play - cornerback.

But now his status is an uncertainty. Any type of violence is a serious matter, regardless of who is involved or where it happens. But when a man hits a woman, it's time for some serious self-reflection as well.

Now I'm sure the young lady is not totally innocent, and I'm not attempting to try and convict Sanders Commings without due process. However, several witnesses were around a busy pedestrian intersection in downtown Athens. Nothing good comes from being there at 1am on a Saturday morning. 

Plus...dumbass, you just don't hit a woman. A lot of his teammates are rallying around Commings, providing support at a time when he needs it. If I were them I would probably do the same thing. And it would start with handing him a mirror.

Georgia-Ole Miss highlights