Saturday, March 17, 2012

Irish Eyes are Bloodshot!

Please, don't dump green sh*t in my beer and make sure the entire house smells like cabbage. Thank you!

My second favorite holiday of the year! Bushmills and Murpy's all day long!

Whack follol de rah!!

Woof lassie!

Happy St. Patty's Day!

With a BIG h/t to Irish Damn Good Dog...

Friday, March 16, 2012

Hoage the Bounty Hunter

Given the recent news about "bounties" in the NFL, I thought this pic of Terry Hoage was pretty funny. From his vineyard's Facebook page...

Pending all of the recent media revolving around "bountys" in the NFL, Terry decided to have a little fun and sport an artifact from his days with the Eagles. If you look closely the text on the shirt reads "Buddy's Bounty Hunters," a testament to Terry's more rowdy days under defensive coordinator Buddy Ryan and his 46 defense. I can't say anything about what happened in the locker room during those days, but what I can say is there stands an upstanding gentleman with an outstanding wine!

Beer of the Week - the Irish stouts

Tomorrow is my second favorite holiday. So to prepare I'm comparing two of the big three Irish stouts for St. Patty's Day consumption. Beamish is the highest rated (according to Beer Advocate) of the Irish dry stouts: Guinness, Murphy's and Beamish. The drinking experience between the three is going to be very similar. Dark roasted tasting notes and a creamy head that complements perfectly. Still, Guinness grabs most all the attention here in the US while Beamish and Murphy's stand tall on their own in the background. 

So...what's the difference? First let's provide some background. I tried all them the way I prefer (when not at a pub in front of a tap), in a can with a nitro widget. You can get Guinness in a bottle and it's perfectly fine. But I like the pour from the can, not to mention the sound of the nitrogen getting kicked by the pull of the tab. Speaking of the pour, use the traditional two part pour. Guinness says the perfect pour should take 119.53 seconds. I don't employ that overly tantalizing method myself. Just tilt your pint glass at about a 45 degree angle and pour slowly until the can is only 2/3 full. Sit glass upright on table and wait a bit before pouring the remainder right down the middle.
Nama and Cord drink a LOT of beer.

Now your pint is ready to drink as you watch the bubbles antagonize you with their cascading dance.

Murphy's Irish Stout. I read somewhere recently that this is considered the craft beer in Ireland when it comes to stouts, while Guinness is the big pint on the block. Nothing wrong with that of course. But I mention that to point out that Irishmen tend to stick with one over the other, based largely on where they are from; Murphy's is brewed in Cork, Ireland and is owned by Heineken while Guinness is brewed in Dublin. The Murphy's is creamy smooth and rich with maltiness and an ABV of 4%. It's certainly not overly sweet but I pick up a lot more chocolate than I expect as well as some caramel. The finish is light, malty and then dissipates into a dryness. Entirely drinkable and seems to get a little sweeter as the glass gets lighter.

Guinness. One word. A name synonymous with Ireland and its famous dry Irish stout. This pint is going to be 4.1% ABV and is extremely flavorful. I would imagine most of you have had a Guinness or 20 in your lifetime, so you know what to expect. It's roasty and around the tongue you're going to get some coffee tastes and maybe some cocoa flavor. But the finish is completely dry and leaves you wanting more immediately. Many view the Irish stout as difficult to drink and never give it much of a chance. I find a pint of Guinness just the opposite. I think this comes down to the experience, more on that in a minute. 

A bonus Guinness has going for it is the publicity it's received as having healthy qualities, more specifically that it is good for your heart. I point this out for that moment at around 3pm Saturday when your wife frowns at you and the piles of empty cans at your feet.

Beamish. Couldn't try it. No longer available in the US. Bummer.

Overall, unless you are from Ireland and just feel an allegiance to a particular brand you can't really go wrong with any of the Irish stouts. I've omitted the O'Hara's which some claim to be the smoothest. Like the Beamish and as with any other authentic Irish stouts, I just haven't gotten my hand around that one. 

Whether you like the style or not, I think it's unfair to compare Irish stouts to other stouts that one might prefer. That's like comparing apples and oranges as types of fruits. The Irish stouts to me come down to an experience as you work through the pint. I just love the way the roasted flavors work against the creaminess of the head. The malt character and the hops work well against each other too. Some just aren't going to get into the slight bitterness, and I think that's because the expectations the eyes build of the Irish stout resembling a milk shake. I don't know, maybe not. I just know the first time I had one I was surprised at the bitterness and the dryness of it. I'm glad I gave the style another chance.

And this....this is an Irish Car Bomb. Maybe if we're lucky Nama will stop by and give us a link to the recipe in the comments. While we wait, do you like Irish Stouts? If so, which do you prefer?

Thursday, March 15, 2012

Herschel Walker, potential campus statue

Earlier this week we looked at the possibility of college football's greatest player being featured on the cover EA Sports' popular video game cover. And I trust you have been faithfully visiting the BookFace page and voting once a day. I do. Because that's the kind of readers I have. They recognize a good purpose and respond accordingly. Ahem!

Well today I wanted to point you towards another page designed to drum up support for an on campus statue of #34, The Herschel Walker Statue Project.  Rob Saye started it Saturday and it's already over 1000 1100 1300 members (as of my bedtime...and counting by the second). Herschel himself is throwing his weight behind the project...

...especially since the intention is for it to evolve into a charitable work in his honor. So head on over and join in the action. Lots of fans are sharing pictures, memories and thoughts about one of the Dawgs' living legends.

And by all means, help spread the word!

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Spring primer - Bobo, Crowell and other questions

We need to get ready for spring drills. Of course, that is not to assume that you are not already hungry for some football related news. But being prepared is a different issue altogether. Having been dormant in terms of Georgia football the last several weeks will do that to you. That brief taste of football and influx of gridiron news and info that comes as a bridge between winter and spring. 

My calendar says practices start next Tuesday, March 20th. Here's what is on my mind.

Bobo. He takes so much blame (who me?), truthfully more than he deserves when it comes to offensive production. I believe he has yet to get everything he needs from his unit. However that's the bottom line that ultimately falls on his shoulders. Looking back he was handicapped some last season by a patchwork tailback position and an offensive line that struggled with consistency. Can Coach Bobo pull everything together this season?

Crowell. If this kid can turn a corner in the figurative sense as fast as he can turn one on the field, he may go the furthest towards solving a lot of issues offensively. We were a different team when he as healthy and on the field. Bobo's offense can flourish with an effective, explosive ball carrier like #1.

Grantham. He's the one being praised and getting the extension this off season. His defense made huge strides from year 1 to year 2. A lot of that had to do with personnel changes and general understanding of the base scheme. But the truth is for all the hussle and pressure I remember from 2011, I also remember not being able to stop LSU in the 2nd half and letting the Spartans score late to force overtime. I wonder how much those last two games have bothered Todd Damn Grantham the last couple months.

Specialized changes. We graduated Walsh, Butler and Bogatay. The coaching staff is consulting with professionals on special teams. G-day won't give us much of a look of course, but I am anxious to hear the chatter this off season in terms of how things are being addressed. Afterall, if Drew Butler were like 99.7% of the punters in the history of punters making tackles...we lose to Vandy. And then, who knows where we are today.

Strong...but conditioned? Last year we were definitely a stronger, better looking team. However we still fell off late in games. With the re-introduction of mat drills this winter, will we become a better conditioned team. And perhaps more importantly, will we be more flexible and avoid some nagging injuries.

Additional readings:
- The new S&C hires are official
- Paschall looks at the extensions for Richt and Grantham
- Fletcher Page looks at Isaiah's off season development ($$)
- Meanwhile Ching looks at the early reviews of Keith Marshall ($$)
- Weiszer's piece on what the receiving unit will be like minus Mitchell

Humpday Hilarity - dog adoption

I know a lot of these have to do with dogs. But we're just a dog family. What can I say? And we found this picture to be pretty funny.

I mean, eventually you have to break it to them right?

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Herschel, potential cover model

Because even with a dislocated shoulder the heisman Trophy "ain't heavy"..

Kevin has the info over at Sicemdawgs
Georgia Bulldogs Heisman Trophy winner Herschel Walker is one of eight candidates that could appear on the cover of EA SPORTS NCAA Football 13 based on a fan vote. The winner will accompany Robert Griffin, III of Baylor on the cover.
You can vote for Herschel Walker at the EA SPORTS NCAA Football Facebook page. The other candidates that Walker will be going up against are Marcus Allen (running back, USC), Doug Flutie (quarterback, Boston College), Eddie George (running back, Ohio State), Desmond Howard (wide receiver, Michigan), Barry Sanders (running back, Oklahoma State), Charlie Ward (quarterback, Florida State)and Andre Ware (quarterback, Houston).
The voting is set up in head-to-head matches. Listed below are the first-round match-ups:
  • Marcus Allen vs. Herschel Walker
  • Eddie Georgia vs. Desmond Howard
  • Barry Sanders vs. Andre Ware
  • Doug Flutie vs. Charlie Ward
You can vote once per day, so be sure to vote for Herschel Walker every day. EvenHerschel Walker is voting!
EA SPORTS NCAA Football 13 will be released on Tuesday, July 10 for Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3.
Y'all know I'm not a big BookFacer. But all you have to do is "Like" the EA Sports page and then vote for THE ONE AND ONLY OBVIOUS CHOICE. I mean I might accept Barry Sanders over #34. But Desmond Howard? Really? Please son.

Mitchell full-time (Spring) defensive back

Not exactly how I envisioned it coming to fruition. But Malcolm Mitchell is officially a Georgia Bulldog defensive back. With the early season suspensions to our incumbent starters Sanders Commings and now Branden Smith, Richt and staff have no choice but to get Mitchell as many reps as possible.
“This spring, he’s going to work almost exclusively on defense,” Richt said of the 15 practices that begin in a week. “He may run over there and run a route once in a while or there may be a scrimmage where the offense grabs him and runs a couple of plays that it already knows. The goal for him is to be as proficient as a cornerback as he could possibly be and have enough of a working knowledge where when they work out in the summer, and once we start in camp, he’ll have a pretty good feel of that position.” 
A lot of fans will belly ache about "losing our biggest offensive threat". But if you look at the first two games of the season: 1) we shouldn't need more than a Keebler elf at tailback and Marlon Brown at receiver to handle Buffalo's defense. And 2) we'll need all the help we can get in the secondary against Mizzou's pass happy attack September 8th. 

No, it's not how I wanted it to come about. But I applaud the idea of putting this guy on the defensive side. With the front seven we have this season we need difference makers in the secondary to take advantage of the pressure that Jarvis Jones and Co. will create. 

Malcolm Mitchell is that type of player. Special.

Monday, March 12, 2012

Monday's Mea Culpa Meatloaf

Spring Practice starts next week. Yes! You read that right, next week. Before we get to that calendar milestone I'd like to come clean, set some things straight...get some crap off my plate.

%$@! eraser! (via nomobobo)
First, sorry about last week's rant on soccer rainouts. I felt like a complete dumbass Saturday after complaining so heartily when the little girl's team was up 6-0 at halftime. Obviously they can afford a couple rainouts. This was apparent as early as the first goal. My lil sweetheart took the ball down the left side and centered a pass with her left boot that was the best lookin thing I've laid eyes on since Michael Johnson cradled that 70XTakeoff in the corner of Abuurn's endzone. Her teammate then buried the pass in the back of the net. 

I knew then and there that this game was over. My kid tallied two goals in just one half of play, but was most proud of the shot that sailed over the crossbar. "Dad!!! It went OVER the goal!" Of course, Rex pointed out that this would've been three points 'tween the hedges. One Saturday at a time #5. One Saturday at a time.

Next I feel the need to give Bobo a hug. Look dude, I haven't been great with the timing of some posts. You sometimes frustrate the hell outta me. But I want you to know I support you. If not before, ever since you threw that prayer to Corey Allen on the plains in '96 (again with the barners, piling on!) I've said you my boy! I know and you know that all you need is a dependable running game and this offense will have as much bite as it does bark.

Which leads me to my last repentance. Isaiah Crowell. I was hard on the kid. I don't think I was too hard, but with news that he's doing well this winter during workouts (and from what I'm hearing, despite some really difficult times for the kid) I think it's past time to give the guy a pat on the back. I'm looking forward to seeing #1 in his second year. Should be fun seeing him compete with a stable of tailbacks.

Whew. That feels better. Now onto the main course.

Today's Ingredients
Pretty excited about launching a new feature here, hopefully this week. Ron is one of BDB's most ardent readers. Which is to say he has a dependable internet service provider and strange desire to subject himself daily to my lunacy. And he was kind enough to share some unique treasures with me. To cut the story short, I now have a TON of old newspaper clippings that are just begging for world wide web attention.
I've got pictures of Herschel I've never seen (and I thought I had seen most of them). I've got stories from the 1981 Sugar Bowl galore. He even sent me the tape they used for Herschel's bum shoulder so he could get back in the game...just kidding. But you get the idea.

So I'd like to share some of these riches. I've spent some time going through it all and there's some stuff I know you'd like. And what better way to say thanks to Ron and his family than to give this stuff some attention it deserves. There's several articles you'd enjoy that shouldn't be too hard to re-type and give credit. And there's hundreds of pictures I'll try and scan in and share. 

Haven't decide on a name for the feature yet, but you'll know it when you see it. Trust me. Until then, here's your guilt free fork. Get after it!


Open tryouts at DB this week

If you finished matriculating in Athens with eligibility in your pocket, let's all meet at Butts-Mehre to grab a locker. Kids are away on Spring Break..and coach is down to bare bones at defensive back. 

Make that skin and bones. Take it away Liz...

Sunday, March 11, 2012

BotW: Milk Stout Nitro

Oh the froth!! [before pic]
Left Hand is a great brewery. I don't know if you can say that it is the best Colorado craft brewery. But for my money it is right up there with Oskar Blues. And their Milk Stout is my favorite among their selections.

Last week the Milk Stout Nitro bottles became available in Georgia. If you're not familiar with nitros, you're probably in the majority. Nitro beers (usually on tap, but in this case in the bottle!!) are infused with nitrogen to produce a freshness and smoothness to the experience. When you pop the cap you get an extra hiss! If you get a growler of nitro brew it needs to be consumed that day (oh the horror!!!) but will taste even fresher, creamier due to the fullness of the head. Last week I drank a LOT of pressurized Guiness cans and Murphy's Stout cans with Nama and Cord. The concept behind those is similar: produce an intense frothy head that compliments the stout's unique taste and drinkability.

I grabbed a sixer of Milk Stout Nitro at Beverage Super Store Friday knowing it had been nearly a year since I've had their (for lack of a better word) regular Milk Stout. Nitro or not, understand that this is a great beer. If you like stouts, this one is creamy, smooth and milky sweet. The beer stats for the nitro are the same really as its predecessor. The difference is the head really. The bottle instructs you to pour heartily and you're rewarded with a foamy, sudsy head that lingers throughout as you drink it. You even get the same bubbly effervescence cascading on the side of the glass as you do from a Guinness two part pour.

If you like sticky, sweet, lick the lactose off your lips goodness of a milk stout this one will not disappoint. And if you want the nitro experience in a bottle, Left Hand has slowly released these across the country. And Atlanta is one of the lucky cities. Grab some and pour aggressively.

Lacing that lingers... [after pic]

Hoop reflections

Like I said the other day, I wasn't surprised we lost Friday night to Vandy. They're a good team. We're a team that was on a decent run. The run ended and I'm come to accept that, with an assist from my beer fridge.

But the way in which the 2nd half played out was at best unsettling. I wasn't able to swallow it until I saw this picture courtesy of DawgToons.

As Tyler pointed out, at least it wasn't a terrible ending. And there is hope. More later. Reflecting has made me thirsty.