Saturday, August 4, 2012

Second day reactions: freshman orienting

This is my last "coverage" type post for the weekend. More about why in a moment. But first, let's talk about the freshmen. Yesterday Richt praised the incoming class. That was good news, especially considering we I was so worried about the kids in the back of Crowell's Crip Car a few weeks ago.
Hicks, like a boss
  • A couple days ago I wondered if there might be a tweak afoot in Grantham's scheme. Turns out Harvey-Clemons is working out at safety, which isn't too much of a surprise given his size/frame. But count this as something I'll continue to watch and mark his development. As cool as it sounds now, can he gain enough of the coaches' trust to earn playing time in Cola West? And therefore give the defense another potential playmaker in the defensive backfield?
  • Josh Dawson has really put on some weight. Up to 250! Johnathan Taylor impressed as well.
  • Richt is impressed by Gurley, but is waiting for him to hit a wall in terms of absorption. It's clear that both freshmen will factor in this season to some degree. How much remains to be seen.
  • The best news from yesterday...freshman Quayvon Hicks took a handoff (despite last year's stats, it's still legal to hand off to the fullback) and ran it to paydirt! Sounds like it was the highlight of the day. Definitely.
  • Ok. I fear we may have over loaded on OL recently. But yesterday coach addressed Theus and his progress. Pretty promising. But the best news for me is that Watt Dantzler appears ready to push any and all comers. It's not going to be a situation where the eventual spot is just handed to a kid. At least, it doesn't look that way right now.
Long way to go though.

Tonight I'm heading to the 120 Tavern to experience Drivin' N Cryin' for the first time since Legion Field in the late 1980s. I'll have a flashback ready for tomorrow on "autopilot" thanks to Dawg19. We'll pick up on the weekend's news on Monday. Until then...have you ever seen the Blue Ridge mountains boy?

Lynch on So-Crow

No regrets bruh.
“Yeah, it kind of stung a little bit sticking up for him,” Lynch said. “But I don’t retract any of the statements I made. Everything I said was true. He worked very hard up to that point. He was showing signs of improvement and I was excited for the opportunity he had this season. Unfortunately that opportunity is going to be somewhere else.”
Artie Lynch was a good Crowell barometer for everyone following the running back's development. He commented openly about the kid's lack of motivation his freshman year and didn't mince words regarding his feelings about the former Carver star.

So it took a little swallowing of the pride for Lynch to make those supportive comments. No doubt a lot of fans feel the same as Lynch after the East Campus Road Block arrest.

Friday, August 3, 2012

Get the picture now...

h/t Mac

First day reactions: Keith Marshall

Since so many of you are voting for the kid in the poll over there, thought you'd like this pic.

For the entire gallery, check out the ABH.

First day reactions: the OL

Speaking of the offensive line, I'm still optimistic. Here's why.
  1. I really like the guys we lost, but I think we could see an upgrade on the interior. As AHD pointed out the other day, Andrews gives up a little in size to Ben Jones. But Friend loves this kid, so I'm expecting big things.
  2. Last year we often had four guards in at a time, like a lot.. This year we should see some tackle-type bodies on the field.
  3. Believe me, I'm just as much a wait and see kind of guy as the next. But this Theus kid will be a monster. I was sold as soon as he and his dad blocked my view at G-Day.
  4. The biggest reason I'm optimistic is schedule related. No, I'm not referring to it through Spurrier's lenses. At least not directly. But look at that schedule and tell me one team, outside of the SECCG, that is going to have a defensive front as fast and as furious as the one our guys will be facing every day of camp?
Go ahead. I'll wait here for your answer.

First day reactions: Kolton's superhuman body

Yesterday we hoped for answers to Kolton Houston's case of mysterious ineligibility. Unfortunately, after Richt and Ron Courson laid it all out on the line, it just got curiouser. If you're late to the #FreeKoltonHouston party, the short of it is:
  • He had shoulder surgery in HS
  • unknowingly took a banned substance
  • tested positive for it last April
  • served a one year loss of eligibility
  • has been tested numerous more times by UGA and the NCAA 
  • both agree that he has not taken the substance subsequently
  • yet his body has not metabolized the Norandrolone fully
  • his levels continue to be outside of the NCAA's parameters
Just your average, run of the mill NCAA eligibility case, that doesn't involve Miami hookers and child peddling. And while that last bullet might make it sound fair enough, what it boils down to is punishing a kid that has served his time and oh yeh, also happens to have a different metabolic rate than your average NCAA pompous presidential douchebag. I'm sorry, I'll stick with Dr. Ron Courson.

Moving on, Theus will back up Dantzler at right tackle.

Thursday, August 2, 2012

In Houston's own words

UPDATE: Blutarsky found this nugget from Ron Courson who basically blasts a whole in Emmert's self-righteous ship. Excellent reading, terrific quotes, but ultimately confounding. #FreeKoltonHouston

- - - - - - - -

This morning's news wasn't what I had hoped. I was becoming more and more hopeful we'd see Houston in action September 1st. Now that hope has taken a hit. But Kolton appreces our support.

AJ sold a jersey and the NCAA made an example of him. Houston had shoulder surgery (in high school, two and a half years ago) and now they're aiming at a bigger target. And Dr. Emmert doesn't have time for science.
The Houston family approved the release of the documents, which otherwise would be protected by federal privacy laws. Family lawyers and Georgia have continued to appeal the case.
The latest appeal came on July 12 when athletic director Greg McGarity sent a personal letter to NCAA President Mark Emmert”
“Mr. Houston, his parents and our staff acknowledge the fact that the results of that test severely impacted his ability to compete as a student-athlete at UGA, and the Houston family accepted the responsibility for this unfortunate situation. Since the initial test confirmation on April 13, 2010, Mr. Houston has been tested very frequently by the NCAA and UGA, and there is scientific evidence that clearly demonstrates that there has been no re-use  over the past 2 1/2 years. While we have fought for Mr. Houston’s restoration of eligibility through every imaginable NCAA process available without any success, we will maintain our effort to see this through to the very end. It is disappointing to witness this scenario play out for  2 1/2 years with Mr. Houston’s eligibility in question. . . . We are appealing to you on behalf of the young man who has done everything possible to clear himself.”
Georgia did not get the reply it sought from Emmert. In a July 31 letter, he wrote:
“While I understand the institution’s empathy for Kolton’s situation, I am surprised the institution would make a request. That surprise stems in part from the fact that Kolton tested positive in subsequent drug tests after his initial sanction, and the Drug Test Appeals Subcommittee did not impose additional sanctions . . . due to the “declining value” argument that supported the conclusion that there was no use of the banned substance. The exit test policy, however, which would require Kolton not to have elevated levels of the banned substance in his system prior to competing against other student-athletes who are competiting clean, is not something that can be appealed because doing so would undermine the purpose of the drug-testing program. . . . The fact remains that  Kolton currently hasthe presence of a banned substance in his system and will not be able to participate in NCAA competition until that presence drops to an appropriate threshold.”
AD McGarity...I'm gonna need this Emmert guy's address.

A safety plan at safety?

They guys over at DawgNation hit on it with yesterday's roundtable ($) concerning injuries and where Georgia can least afford them. But allow me to pile on if you will.

We may not know until September 1st (or later) about Rambo's status. For argument's sake let's say hit has to spend time on the sideline cursing a plate of misplaced brownies. As Ching mentioned, our only option then is to rely on inexperience with Corey Moore, Marc Deas and Connor Norman.

So, would Grantham get creative and utilize Ogletree (whose status is also more than a little vague) or maybe a Ramik Wilson as a rover in the base set? Don't kill me here, I'm just thinking outside the box with my football starved brain. It's been several months you know?

The fact is that Coach Richt and his staff know who's available against Buffalo week one and Mizzou week two. Starting today Coach Grantham has 29 practices to develop a path towards destruction. It might be kinda fun and if...IF Rambo is out for the SEC opener especially, I don't see Grantham just sitting tight until #18 gets back in the lineup.

I'm thinking I'd like to see a playmaker like Ramik back there some, run blitzing and knocking people out. You remember when DeCori Birmingham made Thomas Davis mad don't you?

SEC Preview (video)

Hannah Chalker runs down the SEC contenders as Fall camps open.

Freshman jersey numbers

In case you were curious...Radi has ya covered.

Freshmen jersey numbers
Here are the numbers as they were told to me by the players or their families:

02 Sheldon Dawson
03 Todd Gurley
04 Keith Marshall
08 Blake Tibbs
10 Faton Bauta
13 Marshall Morgan
25 Josh Harvey-Clemons
32 Collin Barber
59 Jordan Jenkins
71 John Theus
73 Greg Pyke
79 Mark Beard
80 Ty Smith
89 James DeLoach
91 Josh Dawson
94 Jonathan Taylor
Quayvon Hicks

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Make (or Break) the season

Although I'm vehemently opposed to such things, Georgia comes in easily to's top ten for the 2012 preseason. To make the discussion worthwhile, here's a few things that could make or break that position.

  • quality depth despite only 70 scholarship players. We may know the answer to this one soon. Are there enough bodies to make it through drills in the August heat?
  • freshman impact. Can some freshmen come right in and make a difference? Theus, Marshall and Gurley specifically.
  • surviving suspension(s). Most notably at defensive back. Malcolm seems a lock to play a lot here early. Are Corey Moore, Marc Deas, Damian Swann and Devin Bowman ready for what Mizzou throws at them?
  • from the snap. Coach Friend loves him some David Andrews. Can he help solidify a young line?
  • from the edge. Do we have at least two tackles this season to protect the edge rush and plow holes in SEC turf?
  • special teams. Two senior kickers and the lightning in a bottle that was Brandon Boykin have left town. If a game comes down to a punt or (be still my heart) a field goal, can our special teams get the job done?
  • chemistry. The team came together last season after a shaky quarter mile. If things get ugly in the first quarter out in Cola West, can Heisenberg Richt keep their attention?
  • 60 minute attitude. Games can be won in the first minutes just as they can be won in the waning seconds. Does this team have the intestinal fortitude to step on an LSU's throat instead of wilting under the pressure?
I don't know the answers. I doubt the coaches know most of them either. But I'm damn sure glad August is here so we can start to find out!

Tuesday, July 31, 2012

GOLD for UGA's Schmitt

Sorry if you plan to watch tonight on #NBCFail, but this is too big not to share.

Three medals, and an Olympic record. If I listen real hard, I can hear the celebratory splashing in Gabrielsen.

GATArchives - Erk's August Calendar

First off, I view this as a true Dawg relic. I'm sure it's made rounds over the years, but I had never seen it before until Mac sent it to me several weeks ago. It came to him by way of Kid; a man named John H. Terrell who is aptly described as the "most loyal Dawg fan of this century". I hope you were able to catch yesterday's tribute to him. 

It also comes with this subplot. Erk's typewriter fad fine print, of course. As it well should. The image below has been touched up as best as myself (who failed at it, miserably) and Steve were able to. Steve, aka BassinDawg, was able to clear up some of the print and make it a bit more readable. However, you may still need to get out a magnifying glass, real or electronic.

Right click, save as, whatcha gotta do dawg.

Some historical background. This "Friendly Reminder Calendar" was "published" and distributed in the summer of 1969. Georgia's opener that season was Tulane on September 20th. They were coming off a loss in the Sugar Bowl to Arkansas that capped off a very successful 8-0-2 regular season. It's clear that Coach Russell was a little worried about off season complacency.

With all that being said, please take the time to enjoy this. It's full of terrific history and GATA attitude. From reminding his men that for the first time since 1965 the Dawgs will be "without Dicks", to various ways to build "big necks" while in the church's front pew on Sunday morning.

CLICK HERE for bigger copy

I'm a better man just having read that. In the end, Georgia trounced Tulane 35-0 before marching up and across Lake Hartwell to also beat the snot out of Clemson 30-0. After scoring a season high 41 points on South Carolina at home, the road got tougher in SEC play with losses to Ole Miss and Auburn, and a tie in Jacksonville. So as the end result of 5-5-1 might have fallen short of Erk's goal to "beat everybody", the message was clear as to what the expectations were. Even when his players were at home, miles away, eating mama's fried chicken and melting in the August heat, Erk was there in their ears to run further and do more neck iso's.

That's clear and constant communication well before the days of cell phones and BookFace. And like Erk Russell said himself, "A good sense of humor even helps in football."

So as the boys of summer begin to strap on the pads and the coaches blow their whistles, I hope Coach Russell is there at Woodruff looking over them...telling them to: "Think BIG today. Get a BIG neck. Run a BIG mile."

Monday, July 30, 2012



via Georgia fans that support Mark Richt

Answer: Yes!

Monday's Meatloaf - Remembering "Kid" Terrell

How sweet it is!
Kid had a passion for Georgia that was unsurpassed. He had no interest in being cited by alumni organizations. He didn't want to serve on the athletic board. He had no desire to sit at the head table when there was a Bulldog banquet feast. All he wanted was for the Chapel Bell to ring. 
"Kid" Terrell (John H Terrell)...without question, the most loyal Dawg fan of this century.
Every Saturday when I walk by Kid’s tailgate spot on the way to the stadium, I think of him and the many fun stories of his life and times. I am always enveloped in sadness when I walk by and I always lift an imaginary toast in memory of my friend Kid Terrell.
I used to joke with him that he could have a meeting of the bank's board as he drove from Athens to Comer alone.  The man treated everyone he came in contact with dignity and respect.   
Kid loved Georgia like no other. 
Just a few quotes, mostly from Loran Smith's anecdotes and some emails I've received. There's some explanation below, but isn't it nice to hear of someone that loved UGA the way this guy did?

Today's Ingredients
-  The Montana Project might be the most exciting thing to happen in many an off season. Stay tuned to Blutarsky and Travis for updates and ways in which we can support. 
UPDATE: Meet Hoppy, Montana's greatest Dawg fan.
- Pass me a kleenex Mrs. Bernie, PWD and Tyler done rustled up a little dust up.
- Gawdsport has a statistical review of the defense ready to peruse.
- Jordan Davis has committed to Coach Richt. Here's ecdawg's rundown.
- Kipp Adams has an update from Gridiron Kings.
- Kyle has some Olympic flavor in yesterday's update.
- Speaking of which, Year2 has your Olympic medal count, SEC style of course.
- Kimberley found some hope for Akeem Dent to play more for the Falcons this season.
- Wow. Hope Michael Dyer didn't throw away those moving boxes.

John "Kid" Terrell was a Georgia Bulldog through and through. Although I never had the pleasure of meeting Kid, from what I've been told and what I've read I wouldn't be surprised to see the man's picture next to Webster's definition of a Damn Good Dawg. Even after he passed away, those that gather behind Clark-Howell Hall on Fall Saturdays still refer to it as "Kid's Tailgate".

Kid's Tailgate (l-r Terrell, Bill Hartman
and Bob Bishop), via
Why give his name this space today? Well, three reasons really. Most importantly it was almost three years ago that he passed and he certainly is the kind of guy that should be remembered fondly as often as possible. Also he was the only person to go to UGA with Frank Sinkwich, Charley Trippi and Herschel Walker. Or at least had his picture taken with them. For how that story develops...whatchagot Loran?

Lastly, he passed along a treasure to Mac several years ago who in turn shared it with me. Back in 1969 Dooley and his staff were rebuilding off of a 1968 team that went 8-1-2. And so Erk Russell took it upon himself to develop a calendar for the month of August in hopes that it would help the team prepare while they awaited camp (back then the season opener was often mid-late September). Tomorrow you'll get to see each day as Erk asks his guys to run (a LOT) and build big necks.

If you're like me, as well as Kid, you'll laugh and be ready to run through a wall at the same time. Just bring a magnifying glass as Erk's typewriter had small type. And get a fork too, that's your meatloaf. Have a great Monday!


Sunday, July 29, 2012

Prepping the preseason

Pretty complete rundown of the preseason questions the Georgia Bulldogs are facing this week as camp begins. Weiszer looks in depth at the offensive line, defensive back depth, running back post-Crowell, the new kickers and which players might break out this season.
Grantham will use the first third of training camp to further evaluate the players, particularly the freshmen.
Kick it to me? I don't give a shit.
“Some guys we’ll play more than one spot and cross-train a little bit,” he said. “We’ll work to get the older guys skill set honed in to where it need to be.”
Game preparation for opponents will be the focus of the second-third of practices. The final portion will be used to gear up for the Sept. 1 opener against Buffalo.
Offensive coordinator Mike Bobo will use the preseason to get a better feel for this team’s offensive identity.
“That’s going to be the main focus, trying to figure out who we are, what’s our best personnel group, what gives us the best chance to be effective offensively,” Bobo said. “And just getting guys ready to play that can compete and contribute. Not just the first team, but in some depth.”
But as we start to re-acquaint ourselves with the beauty that is tackle college we reflect on what we were left with in 2011 and what we hope for in we evaluate what this team needs that last year's didn't have, I put this question at the top of the list:

Can we finish a full 60 minutes? In the second full year of the "new and improved S&C" are we a fitter and stronger team that can kick some 4th quarter ass?