Saturday, September 29, 2012

Georgia-Tennessee, what to look for

Once again, here's a collection of my pre-game thoughts. 
  • I think Rambo plays. I think he's screwing with people. My reasoning is this: he was expected back this week, if he had tested positive for anything stronger than a Red Bull he'd be long gone by now, and surely he's not dumb enough to skip a class this week or something. Surely. I think he plays.
  • Moving on...Intensity needs to match what we had for Vanderbilt and then the knob needs to be turned up. This goes for fans and players alike. I don't anticipate any problems here. At all.
  • Abry Jones' ankle. He rested much of the week in practice. If he's even 80-90% it will go a long way towards completing the first objective of the game...
  • ...Pass rush. Everyone agrees that this is the key to the game for Georgia. A harried and hurried Bray is no more dangerous than his own Sea Doo on an empty tank of gas.
  • Offensive consistency. I just keep getting the feeling that the more comfortable Bobo gets with his offensive line and his freshman RBs in protection, the more comfortable he will feel opening things up. Let's pistol whip them into submission and then strap on the hobnail boots for old times sake.
  • Defensive substitutions. This will be interesting to watch since we're getting Tree and Rambo (see first bullet) back as former starters. I would anticipate Rambo starting this afternoon. Probably Tree as well. But if Tennessee is able to score enough points to keep a lead and/or stay in the game late, having a deep, fresh front seven should turn the game in our favor.
  • Snap. Hold. Kick!
  • If....IF the Volunteers are as over-matched as the oddsmakers and pundits believe, how far does Richt go on the scoreboard before tugging back on the leash? 
Truly I don't know about Rambo. It's just a semi-educated guess. If he doesn't play I become a lot more like Munson and a lot less like I was yesterday when I was miserable. Regardless, let's just go out there and win the tailgate as usual. Chances are these HillBillys will be confused (as usual) by the plethora of choices at the coin toss.

GATA. Go Dawgs!

Flashback - 1981 Tennessee

From Dawg19 again, here a classic from 'tween the hedges to get you ready for what we hope is a beatdown similar to the 1981 matchup between these two teams. Can "Gurshall" repeat what Herschel did on this day?

SEC Kickoff with Coach Dooley

Friday, September 28, 2012

Friday Misery - historically and anthropologically speaking

I've been listening to some of y'all. Talking about rankings and "Who needs to lose so Georgia can move up?". Pretending like any of that matters way back here in September. Shut your damn piehole! Worrying about rankings and who's in front of you is for baseball fans, and B1G administrators. The only thing that matters is Atlanta in early December. And you don't get there by bitching about FSU and Oregon winning football games.

Child please. Act like you've been here before. You're embarrassing yourself, and more

The day Bernie, Daisy Duke and Derek met
So there I was, in all my magnificent pre-pubescence, in a gymnasium with a large group of twelve year old, awkward, wanna be hoop stars. Yet everyone was focused on just two kids. I saw guys whispering to each other and smiling. They'd dribble all the way around the foul line just to pass the ball to this dynamic duo. It was annoying at first, then it was downright obnoxious. To the point that I was robbed of at least three easy lay-ups.

WTF guys. I was open. Who're those kids anyway?
Dude, that's Coach Durham's son over there, and that's Derek freakin' Dooley with the hair and dribblin' the ball between his legs!! Awesome!
Oh. Ok. Nice crossover I guess.

And such was my introduction into unearned prestige and pre-established hierarchy. Someone can immediately, and without merit, be given a higher status based on something completely irrelevant to the setting in the first place. I could see having a pre-conceived notion that Hugh Durham's son (who's name now escapes me) would be pretty good at basketball. But this Derek kid was being treated like Dr. J and Magic all rolled into one. The coaches' whistles were useless because they couldn't unpucker their lips long enough from the kids' gym shorts.
Very good guys. Now let's roll over.

Fast forward through a good three decades and suddenly lil Dools is being given more undeserved credit. Was he a good coach at La Tech? Sure, I guess. Those Bulldogs always seemed to remember their helmets and shit for the games that I caught on Friday nights. But worthy of an SEC perch, even one as loaded with baggage and a worthless athletic director as the one in Knoxville? Whatever. Derek's gotten more use from his last name than he has that can of Suave aerosol.

Oh wait, I think I hear all you fence sitters starting to chime up..

But Bernie...he's the son of our beloved Coach Dooley. We should support him and that family. I mean let's try and win the football game and everything, but just by a couple points maybe. Don't embarrass him, especially with his mother there. She's so nice the way she talks so incessantly and protects her young like a momma bear should. We can get along for awhile. Besides, we can root against them in other sports.

F(orget) that! Hey dumbass, lest you forget: "I never knew how good she looked in orange. All these years she's been wearing the wrong color." That's Derek, talking about his family's matriarch while in Atlanta. Look, this isn't your parents' Woodstock love-in. where they'd gather in a field, pass the J around and sing Peter, Paul and Mary tunes until their underwear disintegrated and the moon beams told them to go back to school. If Coach Dooley and Barbara wanna pull for their son, fine. I get that I guess, on some level. But I've never called Vince my daddy and Barbara ain't ever wiped my ass. If you aren't pulling for my team, you're rooting against them. The line is thin, but it's clear as day.

If one day Derek wants to repent his evil ways, I only need two things: first, take off those orange pants son. I can't tell if you're a hippie or just have a queer eye for the sideline, but that shit don't fly here. And second, the next time you see me break for the basket in my two stripe gym socks and my Dukes of Hazzard tank top, ready to go all good ol' boy on the backboard...PASS. THE. GODDAMNED. BALL!!

Of teeth, livestock and IQs
If you're thinking this is going to be one of those pieces where I make fun of Volunteer fans for wearing overalls ill-equipped to handle their body mass index and how they select their valedictorians in grade school by whoever shows up the first day of 4th grade...well yes, that's exactly what this is. 

To the untrained eye, a HillBilly may appear as if they are just a gator fan with less of a tan and more Wal-Mart clothing. That and they can't seem to agree as to which shade of orange is their own. More on that in a moment. But first, exhibit A...back by popular demand...the couple that first chewed the fatback...the pair that can't ride elevators together...the husband and wife of biblical AND cylindrical proportions...

HillBilly Adam and HillBilly Eve

These people are best referred to as the Anti-Darwins. They don't evolve, they devolve. A study of their culture and development produces more questions than answers. Like, humans can be lawfully married to a goat? And, possum meat is higher in cholesterol than a pork shoulder?

But slowly you give up on trying to understand their mountain folk ways. The hatred burns to the surface like a fresh back tat. They're not only ignorant and stupid, they feed off their own asshatery. You can't love and adore the same coaches that you have run out of town. You can't blame a coach for wanting to leave your three ring hillbilly circus in the middle of the night through the smoke of a thousand mattresses. Hey Nathan Ray Junior Bob, you can't re-marry your sister after your brother grabbed her up off the lawn chair in the den while watching a rerun of In the Heat of the Night and took her down to City Hall in his brand new 1971 Ford pick-up.

Oh, and the Vol Navy? I mean, bless your hearts. The closest thing to an aquatic fighting force in Knoxville is your own quarterback. And there can't be that many bottles in the city. After all, Britton Colquitt was once on scholarship there. He couldn't have left but so much beer behind. So settle down Ricky Earl and Delilah Jean. Stop shaking that half eaten smoked guinea pig at me Cletus Frank and Raylene DixieAnn.

Take heart in the fact that your boys ain't quite as shitty as they were last season. Be glad there's as many Jarvis Jones on the Georgia roster as there are teeth in your sister's "pretty mouth", and that you can count that high! Don't worry about bowl games. Not when you've got all of the Saban rejects on coaching retainer! #winning!!! Please, no more fretting over the lack of dental insurance when there's still a chance DaRick Rogers could be back before the Bama game!!

And don't hate us for the beat down we'll be giving you tomorrow. Hate Mike Hamilton for having a raging case of Dooley envy. Just like those 30 UT t-shirts in your closet, none of which are the same shade of orange, you brought this on yourselves. You descended from those that ate the forbidden fatback. And in the hidden hollers and raccoon trails of Appalachia, Hell hath no greater fury.

And now, we pray. Dear Lord, please have mercy on Derek's hair and keep it combed to the correct side, even as Marlon Brown blows by him, running down the sideline towards paydirt. And help teach these mountain mongrels to respect all animals, as well as to respect each other. Even when Deliverance is playing on GranPappy's tv set.

The Voice in my ears

He made the highlights a lot higher. And he commiserated right along with us during any difficult year. If I was frustrated, he was was exasperated. If I was full of joy, it was his voice that pushed me that final step to the top of that mountain.

courtesy of 1980Dawgs

To commemorate what would have been his 90th birthday, and to recognize his 42 years as a University of Georgia broadcaster, UGA will rename its Sanford Stadium booth after Larry Munson before tomorrow's game.

Hunker it down Mr. Munson! You are forever missed.

The Jarvis Jones poster

via Brandon Boykin's Instagram

Countdown to Kickoff - Georgia and Tennessee

Hannah Chalker previews the Georgia-Tennessee matchup 'tween the hedges.

Thursday, September 27, 2012

BDB takes on "The Grove"

Like a fine wine, or maybe just a fat hunk of cheese...this has been aged. Aged all the way to something just short of perfection. Plus, Nama has to use the dump button in excess.

I think my favorite part was Nama saying, "He's in! He's IN THE ENDZONE! ON TOP OF PEOPLE!!"

Four games in: the highlights

After yesterday, here are some of the bright spots and surprises that I have rattling around in my head:
  • Marlon Brown. On a squad that has been spreading the ball around a lot, he's second on the team in receptions with 16 and 3rd in yardage with 264. He has three touchdowns already and has been been really good at creating extra yardage after the catch. He nearly broke a long one for another touchdown Saturday against Vandy. He also had one that nearly broke against Mizzou. And you just know he's ready to go off on the Vols.
  • Gurley. Not so much of a surprise as we expected him to be good. But in all honesty, he's been better than that. With his size and speed, he's a great complement to Marshall. But he's also the type of back that can carry the bulk of the load if necessary. Especially now that his protection skills have developed so quickly.
  • Defensive depth. The suspensions concerned us. But the defense has not only held up admirably, they've shown us that it's not just the starters that are coming to the games ready to play. Amarlo Herrera especially has been magnificent. Personally, I would be surprised if Tree starts Saturday with the way Herrera has been playing.
  • Defensive line. Like Gurley, not a surprise. They are one of the more experienced and largest in the nation. And they walk the walk as well. Twenty-nine tackles for loss in four games. They're both eating space and penetrating into the backfield regularly.
  • Aaron Murray has been a huge bright spot. He's complemented his early tenure with great field awareness, better decision making (as amazing as his 12/12 start was against Vandy, his best pass was the one he threw out of the back of the endzone when everything was covered), improved footwork and a hard-nosed edge in leadership.
I really wanted to throw the offensive line a bone as well, but I'll wait until later in the season once everything is clicking. But they have made great strides thus far. Other than that, what did I miss? What has caught your eye?

Tennessee prep - 1973 in Knoxville

As legendary as Larry Munson was, it took a while for the connection to form between him and the program and him and the fan base. Many point to the 1973 upset of the Volunteers in Knoxville as that turning point. This video takes us through that game with comments from Munson and the game's hero Andy Johnson.

Nothing sucks like a big orange.

h/t Dawg19

Of course, I'll have more on Munson tomorrow as we celebrate his birthday. I don't know about you, but I really miss that gravelly voice in my ear.

SEC Audibles - Derek Dooley

SEC Audibles - Coach Richt

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Jarvis struggled, now that's left to his opponents

Terrific article by ESPN's Mark Schlabach on Jarvis Jones and his struggles to overcome adversity earlier in his life. Most of all, losing his older brother when he was 15 and learning to deal with the guilt and anger he felt in the aftermath of Darcell Kitchens' murder.
Jones, who was 15 when his brother was killed, struggled to cope with Kitchens' death. For a long time, Jones was overwhelmed with guilt for not telling his older brother to stay with him on that fateful night.
"It stuck with me for a long time," Jones said. "If I had just stayed there with him, he might still be here. I really struggled with it. It took a toll on me. It killed me inside. I'd completely shut it down emotionally."
And then dealing with doctors after falling to a neck injury during his freshman season at USC.
Jones was a backup linebacker and played special teams for USC during the first eight games of the 2009 season. Against Oregon on Halloween night 2009, Jones collided with a teammate while trying to tackle a Ducks receiver and sprained his neck. USC's doctors told him he suffered from spinal stenosis, a condition that is caused by narrowing of spaces in the spine. It can cause pressure on the spinal cord and nerve roots, and paralysis is a rare risk for some people. Jones said he consulted three spinal specialists, who cleared him to play football, but USC wouldn't let him back on the field.
"When I got the call, it was one of the most difficult times in my life," Stephens said. "To just think that the dreams and goals we set for him were possibly not going to come to fruition was very difficult." 
Jones will undoubtedly be the first to say he's been lucky to have the support he's had in overcoming tragedy and setbacks. But it's certainly a tribute to the man in the #29 jersey that he's making so many positive headlines.

Can they just go ahead and vote on the Heisman today?

Damn Good Dawg! 

Four games in: the questions

The opponents have clearly been outmatched. And 4-0 is a very nice perch from which to evaluate things. However, the task ahead is still daunting. Here are some questions/concerns as we head into the bulkhead of the schedule.
  • Now that the "suspension era" is over, how will the defense look? As good as Tree and Rambo are, there is sure to be a lot of rust. With Jarvis grabbing plenty of attention Tree stands poised to reap the rewards. But Herrera has proven to be more than ready. If Rambo can step right in, it sure would help moving Commings back down to his natural spot.
  • While on topic, can the team stay away from mid season distractions? Are all scooters  accompanied by proper registration and parked away from alleys? Can every campus party clearly identify which plate has brownies and which one has THE brownies? Can the maturity level OFF the field match the level we've seen thus far ON it? 
  • Who's the #2 quarterback? Were the coaches sending LeMay a message Saturday? There's no doubt that Mason would pull off the redshirt if something were to happen to Murray. But that nightmarish scenario opens up a motherload of variables and what ifs. Be nice to know who the backup actually is.
  • How's the East shaping up? Might be a little clearer and less grainy than it was four weeks ago, but the picture is about the same. The South Carolina game still looms as large as it has for months. But all three teams (Georgia, USCe and Florida) still have a lot to prove. The upside for Dawg fans is that Carolina is a little beat up and the Gators QB is still a couple bad throws away from being in a full fledged controversy, again.
  • Does late game focus translate to mid/late season focus? Richt and McGarity have done a terrific job overhauling the S&C staff. You could smell its impact last season. In 2012 you can readily see it. It has lead to an intensity that lasts for a full four quarters. The hope is that the surprise collapse during a game unexpectedly is also a memory. Tennessee has played that role before. Even in Sanford. At night.
All in all not a bad list of questions. Much better than after last year's S. Carolina game. In your view, what'd I miss?

Locker Notes - HillBilly Style

via the Anti-orange Page
I was going to wait until next week for the next installment of this, but I see this as a critical game in terms of maintaining focus. So let's hand out some locker notes before the collective IQ in Athens drops too far.

Amarlo Herrera - I can see an SEC Defensive PotW in your future. It's getting closer and closer, just like those ball carriers you've been hunting down.
Aaron Murray - Every hick in orange overalls would rather have you than the Sea Doo bottle tosser.
Artie Lynch - You're wicked good. Their linebackers can't hang.
Shawn Williams - Really enjoying watching you play. Keep it up and show Mr. Patterson a real nice Sanford welcome! 
Marshall Morgan - Deep breath kid. We're behind ya.
Motel 6 - Give this Bray twerp a new tattoo, of your facemask.

Ok, here's a sharpie. Get after it.

This week in the SEC

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

"The Lost Files", from the BDB archives

While drinking beer in his lavish studio this weekend, Nama found some lost footage from last season. He says he'll have the finished product as well as the Vandy tailgate video ready soon. For now, here's the Ole Miss preview.

Bulldog Hotline Redux, Vandy

How can you tell the team is undefeated and there's not a lot of controversy to fuel the phone lines? Well, you get a lot of questions/comments about fan participation and PATs. But there's also a lot on Malcolm Mitchell, including how he'll be used going forward.
Walter from Facebook asks about the return of Ogletree and Rambo on defense, as well as whether we’ll start to see more of Malcolm Mitchell on offense. Richt gives the standard response for the suspensions. With Malcolm they are starting to give him structured times with each side during the week. Transitioning back to more of an offensive role. Doesn’t need to be on the defensive side in practice as much now. He’s getting a lot of experience. He wants to do this, has to put a lot of time in on his own due to the 20 hour rule.
And then this vote of confidence on punt returns:
Scott in Buford says its a fun football team to watch. Great guys off the field as well. One thing that worries him is Malcolm’s decision making at punt return. Wants Richt’s ideas on his progress back there. Richt says that is a very tough job. The decisions these guys have to make, and do it so quickly with guys flying down towards them. Richt says the one punt that Malcolm fielded near the goalline is one that was a real long punt that usually you get some room to run. Says he definitely feels good about Malcolm being there still. Pauses a bit, then says they feel like Malcolm is the main guy. “I believe in him.”
Other than that you've got some concerns on the PATs and the usual suspension question that doesn't get answered. Oh, and it's officially a Red Out!
via BassinDawg

HillBilly frat bends over, way too far

Not sure where to start with this one. Glad the kid is alright. But, if you don't like the taste of Coors Light just switch to a better tasting beer. Don't shove a funnel up your ass.
A University of Tennessee student has been released from the hospital after an incident involving potentially deadly alcohol levels at a fraternity house on campus.
Alexander Broughton, 20, was dropped off at UT Medical Center around 1:30 a.m. Saturday, Knoxville Police said.
Hospital staff told Knoxville Police investigators that Broughton was in critical condition and unresponsive when he arrived, with a blood alcohol content level greater than 0.4, which is considered toxic and potentially deadly.
Broughton has since been discharged from the hospital, according to UT Medical Center.
KPD investigators went to campus Saturday morning and found several other people, including three men, passed out at the Pi Kappa Alpha ("Pike") house.
After conducting several interviews, investigators determined the fraternity members had used rubber tubing to give each other alcohol enemas. Police said the practice heightens and speeds up the process of alcohol entering the blood stream because it bypasses the liver's filters.

And in related news, I think these ladies misspelled "LOSER".

h/t AHD

Karma and the village idiot

So I asked you to complete an assignment for me over the weekend. I asked that you read this piece by Emerson on Richard Samuel. I've made no secret that the guy is a favorite here. However there's no getting around the fact that much of what I like about the guy is due to actions off the playing field: changing positions for the good of the team, doing everything he can to lead by example, staying out of trouble, changing positions for the good of the team, waiting his turn for however long behind others that create headlines for their behavior off the field as much as on it, changing positions for the good of the team...

I'm not going to get too lengthy about a history that we're all pretty much aware of when it comes to Samuel. Suffice it to say he'll go down as a Damn Good Dawg more for his visits to Coach Richt's office (<- - - probably one of my all time top five posts, IYAM) than he will the yards he accumulated and the tackles he never had a chance to make (except in Missouri, fistbump!).

Which leads me to one little story and one quick point. In Missouri we were right in the middle of the Georgia section. On the row directly in front of us were two Mizzou fans. Directly in front of them was a Georgia fan that was doing his best impression of a dumbass. I mean he had it down. Making fun of the hometown fans, especially a lady nearby that could've been old enough to be his momma. Telling them they're not worthy of being in the conference. Their stadium sucks. Their town sucks. It came to the point where I was wondering which village had given a plane ticket to their local idiot.

Finally he shut up long enough to make nice, disappeared a while and then came back in time to give a Richard Samuel impression. Pretending to run clumsily in place confirmed he was missing from a Georgia village somewhere, but really grated me the wrong way. We probably all have our own stories of embarrassing ourselves. Lord knows I once used twitter to rant my own dumb ass way over the line. But why pick on a guy that's done everything he can to help the team? Why call out a player at all for wearing the "G" and pouring their heart into the program? This guy struck me as someone who was probably upset when we cut Ealey loose.

And then it happened. Key point in the game and DICK SAM IV makes a key tackle. Since the 2006 Sugar Bowl the fake punt has slowly been becoming Richt's achilles heel. Facing three blockers Richard Samuel must have shouted, "Not on my watch!"

I don't know how the fan's serving of humble pie tasted. If it was anything like the slice I forced myself to eat year's ago, it was cold and humiliating. But I learned from it and moved on. And I hear there was a similar idiot across the stadium spouting off about Marlon Brown even as the receiver made clutch catches and scored points.

Don't get me wrong, I know I can't control people's behavior. And I learned long ago it only takes one bad apple to embarrass a group of fans. Deep down I know Karma will smile on people like Richard Samuel, who continually and quietly do the right thing even in the midst of abject stupidity. I know that she will reward him and those like him just as richly as she exposed this guy in the stands in front of me.

If not, I may just have to punch him next time. Just kidding. Not really.

Monday, September 24, 2012

Monday's Meatloaf - a decent, and courageous proposal

I can't seem to put my finger on it, but I've always felt some kind of connection to offensive lineman Chris Burnette. I've never crushed a defensive lineman's ego into the Sanford Stadium turf and I didn't come close to being my high school's salutatorian. But I can say that he and I now share the privilege of having asked our best friends to marry us.

Best wishes to the happy couple. I wish I could also say that I was brave enough to get to one knee and pop the question in front of a congregation and YouTube cameramen. I mean now that he's done that, the actual exchanging of vows should be a piece of cake. But in actuality I barely summoned the courage to form the words for my proposal while sitting in my truck outside the Virginia Welcome Center. Not nearly the drama, but the answer to the question is all that truly matters. Right?

So Mrs. Bernie and I would like to wish Chris and Arielle years and years of happiness. The best is yet to come for y'all, we're sure of it.

Today's Ingredients
- Last week I laid the foundation for what I hope to be an accountability series on giving Coach Bobo some respect. Later this week I'll provide the numbers to finish that foundation, as we draw near to the heart of the schedule.
It's still very early, yes. But by the end of the season we should have something to look back on and make some quality judgments. 
- Speaking of owning our own words, PWD extends a hand to another coach that has taken some criticism.
- Looking back to Saturday, Travis sounds cautiously optimistic. I think Tyler was heading the same direction, but I also think it's safe to type that he's a little giddy.
- Meanwhile, Cranford has just gotta support em with this complete recap.
- And if you like complete recaps, hard to beat what Danny has here.
- Georgia's red zone defense is definitely trending in the right direction, as Blutarsky points out.
- During the rewatch yesterday, Mrs. Bernie was putting the freshman kickers on notice. Instead vineyarddawg aims for the goalposts.
- And right on cue, Kimberley examines the kicking game. As she points out, it's certainly not all on the kickers. But it's gotta get more consistent. Quick.
- Spurrier doesn't throw his visor any longer. But a headset is fair game. And as ecdawg points out, hanging up on the media is becoming par on his course.
- Saturday was a day for some second half meltdowns. And it appears Clemson isn't getting the same results with Brent Venables as they have enjoyed with Chad Morris.
- Lastly, if you're a fan of the tailgate videos Nama produces from his lavish studio, he has found some lost footage from last season. I'll have the preview up tomorrow, then he'll get us that and the Vandyriffic afternoon from this past weekend.

If you've been coming here for awhile you know that these meatloaf posts are the heart and soul of this operation. When I started this little blog the best thing I could come up with to do was to read what those other guys were writing. The more I read the more it made sense to share some of it. Plus back then I thought it would impress my friends that I knew how to "link" another web address within my finely constructed sentences.

Layin' the wood, tailgate style.
They're easily amused. Trust me. And I'm easily amused as well. That's why this "end of the loaf" is devoted to a shout-out for Tanner, Matt and Dustin. Those guys made actual meatloaf for Saturday's tailgate. I think Tanner made it, but they helped dress it up and check temperatures at least. I'm a sucker for a plate of pulled pork and I've never met a pot of collards that wasn't calling my name. But meatloaf has always translated to "home cooked meal" for me. And with Tanner's secret sauce and wife Hillary's "tamato jam", it was some good eats!

Everyone has their own recipe for meatloaf. Mrs. Bernie and the 10yo once even made individual loafs using muffin pans. It's a simple, yet diverse main dish that always hits the spot.

That all being said, if them HillBillys come to town serving up their own meatloaf, please contact the authorities. Once you're south of Chattanooga it's no longer legal nor socially acceptable to serve "varmints" as meals. Yep, one-third of the season is complete. We've only just begun. Don't let up now. Grab a fork and go give Monday a Very Gurley Stiff-arm!


Closing the Dores

You can't judge a book by its cover, but the James Franklin era of Commodore football is the same dull, monotonous read. And not to put too much emphasis on what we'll likely eventually look back on as just another dominating performance over a pretty crappy opponent. But here are a few more observations from the game after the rewatch.
via Sanderlin AJC

When contrasting Saturday night's bloodletting against last season's nail biter, the biggest reasons this one went much differently:
  • the running game is hitting on all cylinders. Last year we had the star sitting out because Richt loved him too much. As a result the rushing attack never got its feet under it. This game featured a consistent attack that battered and bruised Vanderbilt from start to finish.
  • Jordan Rodgers was completely contained. Last season he ran effectively and dinked and dunked just enough to keep the Georgia defense off balance. Saturday night he rushed for only 35 yards and netted only 9. Compared to last year when he netted 79, that's a big difference in how things played out.
  • cleaner and more polished. The only thing that would've helped Vandy Saturday night would've been miscues and trick plays. That is what helped them stay in the game last year. But Georgia is smoother around the edges and polished in all areas. So much so that even a successful trick play would've only delayed the inevitable.
via BassinDawg
Now it's on to lil Dools and the all pass, all HillBilly attack.

Sunday, September 23, 2012

Sunday Thoughts - on being Easy

Yep. Vandy...they were who we thought they were.

- the Dawgs had played a full game coming into last night, but nothing like what we saw against the Commodores.
- definitely the offensive line's best, most complete game so far. Plenty of holes and great protection. Only one sack by my count.
- Great game for Murray who looked as comfortable running things as I've seen him.
- Can't ask for a better balance on offense. Bobo really had a decent defensive unit off balance all night and had two touchdown drives that started inside our own 20.
- When you can average that many yards per rush it certainly helps. Forty-seven carries for over 300 yards. If I was a smoker I would've needed a cigarette after that kind of performance.
- Every single running back average over 5 yards per carry. Right down to Samuel.
- My only complaint on offense was Lynch's drop (originally I thought it might have been tipped. Maybe someone who watched on tv can say for sure). That's the kind of play call that can take this offense to the next level. On the play action boot Murray had both an open target and plenty of room to run. He chose correctly, Lynch just didn't corral it.
- Meanwhile Vandy never caught any kind of rhythm on offense
- there aren't enough words to describe what the defense was able to do. Vandy only complete 2 of 14 third downs. Just didn't give anything to Vanderbilt without making them earn it.
- Gutty performance by Shawn Williams. Was definitely playing hurt.

Looking forward to watching this one this afternoon. It was a thing of beauty. Although it had to be embarrassing for Coach Franklin, to have his ladies undergarments exposed on national television like that.

But I certainly didn't lose any sleep over it. How bout y'all?