Saturday, November 24, 2012

Field's eye view

This is just awesome.

Tech - what to look for

If you have a ticket in hand, there's no reason not to be in Sanford early today to tip your hat and heart to these seniors that have poured theirs into the program. Don't meet me there, beat me there!
  • Gurshall early and often. At least early I would expect to see a lot of 3 and 4 to test this Tech defense and grind out some yards. Eventually they might break a long one, but giving their defensive counterparts a break form the on field action early will help us to be more physical as the game wears on.
  • In the third quarter we dominated Southern's offense and quickly imposed our will by taking them out of their element. Can that be replicated earlier in this game?
  • Physical on the edges. Our safeties and corners will need to bring the wood out there and lay some nerd asses out. If you know what I mean.
  • Can these special teams officially trend upward? We've had a good couple weeks in the kicking game. We should outmatch the Yellow Jackets on both sides of the ball in terms of the line of scrimmage and the playmakers. The special teams can both complement that and put the nail in their coffin.

Friday, November 23, 2012

Friday Misery - Birthday at Little Bighorn

It’s hate week, so…has Reuben Houston sold Joe Hamilton any weed today?

Of North Ave. and vomit
Yesterday on twitter I got a little nostalgic. The year was 1995. My first UGA diploma was still somewhat fresh in hand only two years old and the Dawgs were invading “historic” Grant Field on Thanksgiving Day one last time. Ray Goff was nearing his end and had helped the team endure some key injuries. Tech was still acting like a friggin' 12 year old over their shared national title five years prior…OMG that was the best team ever and those mutts were delivering our pizza while we celebrated from our dad’s basement!!!1

Turkey carcass, or tech secondary?
We watched as senior kicker Kanon Parkman set up to kick a winning field goal, just as he’d done four years earlier as a freshman, My God!. The snap was good and the hold was true. But the kick was about the ugliest thing you could imagine. I swear it never lifted higher than Coach Goff’s signature ball cap, maybe even lower than his horn rimmed glasses. It wobbled a lot more than it spun. Its magnificence was only confined by its aim, which was true. Kanon’s leg was dead on. It knuckled its way to Glory! I jumped victoriously and sent a heartfelt thanks towards the Heavens...

...then sprinted my happy ass to the truck, jumped in and hustled my way towards some Thanksgiving leftovers. Shortly after escaping Atlanta’s city limits however my stomach began to rumble. The wings I’d had the night before were making their own comeback. I pulled over and left a roadside offering of the food poisoning variety. And by the time I had driven the 300+ miles I was hardly in the mood for turkey and dressing.

But still…I drifted off smiling. Dawgs 18 nerds 17. Holy shit it sucks to be an engiNerd.

This year’s candles
I was born to despise Tech.  Legend has it that on the day I was born Tech sucked even more than on the day before. So it has become my obligation, one of my greatest pleasures in life to hate the wrambled wreck. Every year since that historic day when I took my first breath, looked the doctor in the eye and said “Jasper’s knee will be down goddamnit!”…I have celebrated my birthday in part by blowing out candles towards Georgia Tech’s ineptness, their inability to tackle, their cute little offense, and their eternal virginity.

Custer was Chantastic!
It’s not a task I enter into lightly. When family and friends watch the smoke clear and ask, “Bernie, what’d you wish for?” I simply reply, “Same as every year.” And then later that day, or later in the week, as the time drains from the clock I can simply point to the scoreboard and smile.

Most years that is. There is the occasional Georgia Tech win, that may or may not be vacated. There is the occasional year when our Dawgs are not up to the challenge of my birthday cake’s adornment. They waste a lead and therefore waste my breath. Consequently, my wish is lost like a Jim Donnan gameplan. Or it’s stolen by Al Ford and thrown in the dirt. JASPER WAS DOWN GODDAMNMIT!!!

Despite those hiccups…those fleeting moments of epic nerdom…this series is about as one sided as Custer at Little Bighorn. The candles on the cake put up more of a fight than the teams Tech sends onto the football field. And that's why wishes can come true when your birthday is around the same time as mine. 

Dawgs on top. Wear black. See you in Athens!

Erk statue update

Since the news broke over a year ago, Dawg fans have been coming here for updates on the statue being made and erected outside Paulson Stadium on the Georgia Southern campus. And here we are just a day away from the unveiling.

For more info on the finished product (as well as a sneak peak at it) you can click here. We may not ever get the man enshrined in the College Football Hall of Fame where he should be, but the next time I'm down near Statesboro I'll definitely be dropping by to visit a long time more time!

Flashback: 1981 beatdown

With commentary from Coach Dooley and the legendary Larry Munson, Dawg19 gives us this epic beatdown of the engiNerds in 1981...44-0!

Thursday, November 22, 2012

Bullpups of yesteryear

Pretty cool bit of history that may be news for some of you younger Dawgs. For the rest of us it's a ood reminder of the way things were.

Flashback: 2004 Tech Fail

For those down moments during the day when you're in between the turkey and the pumpkin pie...for your viewing pleasure.

h/t Dawg19

Happy Turkey Day!

From all of us here at BDB, have a great day filled with carbohydrates, tryptophan, friends and family!

And just in case those family and friends are plain nuts...

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

The importance of beating Tech

This one is chock full of quotes that drive the obvious nail home:

  • For the seniors: “This game is huge personally for every senior, for our state,” linebacker Christian Robinson said. “You don’t want to deal with that loss for the rest of your life and for a whole year.”
  • Proximity“There’s a mixture of the fans down there,” the fifth-year senior cornerback (Sanders Commings) said. “There’s some Georgia fans, there’s some Georgia Tech fans. Excluding my redshirt year being undefeated against those guys will be a great feeling.”
  • For senior lettermen in years past“Don’t lose that last one,” was the message from former Bulldogs defensive end Rod Battle, whose senior day was ruined in 2009 with a 34-27 loss to Kentucky. “You’ll live with it for the rest of your life.”
  • Goals, plain and simple“We need this win,” senior Branden Smith. “To get where we want to get, we need to win every week.”
  • Program, plain and simple“Georgia Tech is scoring an awful lot of points lately, and they’re playing extremely well as a team,” Georgia coach Mark Richt said. “We know what this game means to our program on a year-to-year basis. We’re very excited about playing it. We know it’s going to be a battle. It’s going to be our senior day, the last shot for our seniors to play between the hedges and I hope they have a really positive experience.”

Humpday Hilarity - Earlma and Shitheadra

Taxidermican em up at WalMark's one-hour photo.

Flashback: 1982 Georgia Tech

Herschel's last Sanford Stadium stand.

h/t Dawg19

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Hate week - nerdasm

This has become a yearly traditionIf a picture says a thousand words, this one is filled up with nerdasm.
  • We date members of the opposite sex. They game and have epic tickle piles.
  • We win division banners and earn a trip to the conference title game. They back in with a 6-5 record.
  • We have the best damn mascot in sports. They blow up a huge bee and stick it in a corner.
  • We have a stadium that is sold out seven Saturdays a season. They have a stadium that sells out once every two years, with or without the Mayans intervening.
  • We play teams like Georgia Southern to prepare for their cute little offense. They lose to Middle Tennessee State and fire their defensive coordinator (term used loosely).
  • We sneak bourbon past the gates to a football game on weekends. They ride trikes...competitively.
  • Our classes and dorms have girls. Their classes and dorms have blow up dolls.
  • Our cheerleaders get guest spots on morning television. They rent girls with pom poms to dress up and cheer on literally hundreds of fans each Saturday.
  • Our student body parties any day that ends in Y. Their student body gets dizzy on Mountain Dew and does shit like this...

Shawn the Savior

To call his rant on the defense post-Kentucky a season saving moment might be a bit of a stretch. But there's no doubt it was a catalytic moment for the fans and more importantly the team.
Before Georgia’s 17-9 win against Florida, the senior now famously called out Georgia’s defense as “soft” and said the Bulldogs were playing without emotion.
Georgia has given up an average of 8.3 points and 263.8 total yards per game in the four games since then against the Gators, Ole Miss, Auburn and Georgia Southern.
“I think Shawn’s comments certainly had a great effect on our football team,” coach Marl Richt said on his radio show tonight. “It jolted everybody a little bit. It got some guys mad, it got some guys hurt, their feelings got hurt a little bit. I think everybody understood Shawn’s motivation was to get everybody to play they are supposed to play.”
Williams doesn’t think he should be credited for saving the season, but he said he’s seeing his teammates now giving it their all and playing “really good” now.
“I wouldn’t call it saving the season,” Williams said in his first public comments since his rant. “I just always knew we could do it. We just had to go out and do it.”
And by the way...I won't need a plaque commemorating the moment to remember it.

Monday, November 19, 2012

Monday's 3rd ranked Misery

With apologies to any children as well as my mother, I'm really pissed. This might get ugly. If it gets too ugly...change your tampon Alice. It's hate week.

The 1970s called...
For those of you unaware, I'm trapped in a 1970s time trap set by the in-laws. Previous trips have both allowed me to watch ESPN and surf interwebs. This time however I find myself locked out of the wifi and subjected to a Dish Network that only includes local channels and the DIY channel.

F. Me.

That's just swell. It's not like there's any damn thing going on that I might want to read/blog/post about. I'm sure Collin Klein wetting his jock strap was just a dream the other night and The Walking Dead was preempted by some dumbass music award show.

But don't count me out of it yet Reader. I've got this "phone" that has cellular service (barely) and a 2011 Masters cup just begging for all the bourbon in the bastard's cupboard.

I win.

There's no BCS in H-A-T-E
Some of you people make me goddamn sick. With your scenarios and your wishful thoughts. Blabbering on and on about what could be and strength of schedule and computer modulations...Slow down dipshits. You act like we've never been here.

Remember 2007? With all the hype and the pats on the back? The media attention and Herbstreit being a douche? Only to be left cold because we hadn't played for our conference crown.

Yeh, slow you damn roll bitches. Long way to go and it starts with an algorithm from North Ave., not one in Miami.

So you with the BCS ranking printout, get some focus. And yes you...the one in the corner with the picture of the Waterford crystal football and the hand lotion. Stop self-"aggrandizing" and grab hold of this thought...number 3 don't get shit handed to them.

It must be earned.

And that starts on Saturday 'tween the hedges. Be there. Bark your mother effin' head off. Then we'll talk about anything we may or may not have earned the right to play for the following weekend. Because right now...Governor's Cup > Miami hotels. Put one foot before the other.

Now, if you'll excuse me I think I'll go find a Starbuck$ so I can check my email.


We run this state!

Hate week. Monday...

h/t BassinDawg

Sunday, November 18, 2012

Hate week begins

Eat my silver britches Al Ford. Jasper was down.

Sunday's triple option thoughts

Holy crap. It just got real up in here. Some thoughts from Sanford and then what happened in Waco and Eugene.

- the game went as expected and almost just as I predicted. Difficult opening stanza, then we just willed them to our authority.
- if you are unsettled by the thought of what happened in the first half, then you should take pride in two things: 1) the way the team scored to go up 10 at the end of the 2nd quarter and 2) the halftime adjustments that continue to be spot on for Todd Grantham. The linebacker play was okay in the first half but was spectacular in the second. Just changing their pre snap alignment a bit made a big difference.
- that being said, the chop block personal foul before their missed field goal really helped things get off track for Southern.
- Aaron Murray y'all....ho hum. 18/28 for 330. And his deep throws continue to be one his greatest improvements and strongest assets this season.
- we struggled to open up holes for Gurley, at least more than I thought we would. Heath and Chris warned me about that #66; he'll be on an NFL roster before its all said and done. But the exception early was that first touchdown run. Line of scrimmage opened up like the parting of the Red Sea.
- interested to hear exactly what happened on Marshall's FG attempt from 52 yards. I guess he just got under it too much. That was a wacky play. And a heads up play by the defender to be able to catch it and return it like that. Just more proof that they are a well coached team.
- yesterday was no easy task for the team, especially on the defensive side of things. I would expect it to take things much easier this week in preparing for Tech.

Ok, so the landscape changed a whole lot last night. We talked about the possibility earlier this week, but now its a certainty that if Alabama and Georgia can take care of business against Auburn and the engiNerds respectively, the SECCG becomes a play in game for the national title. Both games were hard fought, and in the very least KSU and OSU are more than worthy of being in the BCS discussion. But both games should serve notice to Dawg fans and players alike, to be the best you have to be up to the challenge every weekend.

If it was possible, the game this weekend against our in state rival just got even bigger.

Georgia - Georgia Southern highlights