Thursday, January 17, 2013

Another note on Grantham rumors

I went back and added this link to my earlier post that outlines the decision making process Grantham may eventually face. Thinking it through even further it's worth noting that Philadelphia GM Howie Roseman is a bit of a control freak, like any good general manager of course.

But let's compare the two spots. At Georgia Grantham has relative control over his personnel and depth chart. He's made mention numerous times how much he likes having so many players that he can put into the game to fit situations, scheme, and so forth. It's also worth noting that even as recently as the last couple weeks that he's had some differences of opinion with other staff (one of whom has left Athens) over recruiting, playing time, and position development. So it's clear he wants his guys and enjoys controlling that aspect of the defense.

In Philadelphia he might get part of that, but this is a young GM that wants to build his own roster and make his own financial/contractual decisions. Chip Kelley is essentially a non-factor in this. He just wants to run his offense and dress the team in outlandish colors. He'd relinquish all control over the defense to his coordinator. Yet some of that control that Grantham enjoys now would certainly be lost to Roseman. If the Eagles brought in a high priced free agent there would come with it an expectation to play him. That's pretty clear. And that's a vast difference between coaching in college and coaching in the pros. If the egos are big on Saturdays, their ginormous on Sundays.

So more food for thought. If bags of cash are thrown at Todd Grantham...IF that happens, he will be thinking back to his 11 years in the NFL and if it's worth giving up some of the control he's enjoyed in Athens.