Saturday, January 19, 2013

Countdown to NSD - 18 days

You've got questions, and I take a stab at some answers.

Did Boo Malcome open the door wider for Georgia's running back recruits? Not sure Wednesday's news of Boo Malcome leaving for greener pastures makes Georgia any more attractive to the likes of Alvin Kamara and current commit AJ Turman. But it doesn't hurt. Neither young man seems afraid of competition or crowded backfields. Turman even committed back in November leaving offers from other programs on the table; places like Auburn and Tennessee where he might have gotten a quick look under new head coaches.

As for Kamara, Alabama's backfield presents similar challenges to Georgia's, even with Malcome's departure. It keeps feeling like Bama has the edge here, but since Georgia gets the last visit this one will surely come down to signing day. If nothing gets in the way, I like our chances here at landing two really good running backs.

Can Richt keep Wiggins onboard? Yes. Shaq Wiggins has been committed to Georgia since last summer. Wednesday evening Richt went to the Tyrone GA native's home to spend some quality time with the talented defensive back. That visit followed Wiggins' official visit to South Carolina last weekend. There have been growing suspicions recently that other programs might be playing the number of defensive backs coming to Athens against us with Wiggins. But Thursday night he tweeted that he had been completely put at ease by Coach Richt's phone call and visit. So much so that he was canceling all remaining visits.

(full disclosure: I don't follow recruits on twitter, but it kind of blew up Thursday night with people responding and retweeting. And then Shaq quickly deleted the updates. My take from that is he did it to avoid backlash from fans that actually do follow recruits as well as send negative tweets to 17-18 year olds.)

Can we get some video of early enrollee Johnathon Rumph? Absolutely. I'm excited to have this tall target for Murray too.

Rumph is a very polished receiver that can step right in. He's from Cayce, SC and comes to Athens by way of Holmes Community College. At 6'5" and 215 pounds he'll create some mismatches right out of the gate against Clemson. Very glad to have him!