Thursday, January 31, 2013

Countdown to NSD - 6 days

Let's update things...and then wait for the info to become obsolete in an hour or so.

Matthew Thomas
Davin Bellamy - Lots of rumors about his interest as related to Grantham potentially staying/leaving. To complicate matters Tennessee coaches are feeding him squirrel jerky and other false truths. Yes, Bellamy's interest is directly related to Grantham being in Athens. And the good news - Grantham will most definitely be in Athens next season. As long as our defensive coordinator doesn't go on a weekend bender and get caught with a room full of hookers wearing red panties, Bellamy will sign with Georgia.

Alvin Kamara - I keep falling into the same trap most everyone else is, isn't there a better opportunity for Kamara to play in 2013 if he's in Athens and not Tuscaloosa? It's a trap because the kid truly is unafraid of competition. I'm sure he's compared the depth charts, but how much weight that has in his decision is something only he knows.

Johnathan Ford - Very simple really: this still hinges on where he visits this weekend. If he comes to Athens we have a shot. If not, we move on.

Matthew Thomas - His visit this weekend has always intrigued me. Most people see it as a joy ride type visit. But in truth his dad has wanted this one and word is Thomas doesn't really visit just for the frequent flyer miles. With Grantham's knack for talking up his linebacker positions, watch this one carefully this weekend. Plus I think Richt might be visiting Thomas in home as well.

Montravius Adams - Just as intriguing to me as Thomas, but for much different reasons. Lot of debate as to who leads here. Clemson has been on him a long time, but the family evidently prefers Georgia. There are many variables at work here: proximity, in-state vs out of state, 3-4 vs 4-3 defense (a pretty big consideration for a DT prospect) plus all the relationships he's made throughout this process. Everyone has an opinion. I really like our chances.

Reuben Foster - As he returns home from Tijuana San Diego State, we simply wait for his announcement on Monday. Still feels like Auburn. But Georgia's done all they can here. If he can bridge the distance gap somehow in Athens with his family I think he knows he's better off at Georgia. He's seen the instability on the plains first hand. But don't blame the guy for wanting to be close to his daughter and other family.