Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Countdown to NSD - 7 days

As I read over yesterday's posts that were so running back heavy I couldn't help but feel as if I had slighted the one guy that deserves to be mentioned - AJ Turman. He's the back that's been committed to Georgia since November and hasn't wavered once. Meanwhile here I am spouting off about Kamara and new kid on the block Ford. Luckily, right on cue, the ABH's Marc Weiszer picked up the slack.
“It will give me more of a chance to get on the field early,” said the 6-foot, 200-pound Turman from Boone High School in Orlando, Fla. “I already committed before [Malcome] ever transferred. It does make a difference. There are only two other backs instead of having four, or like Alabama, having six backs or something like that.”  
While rushing for 1,245 yards and 15 touchdowns as a senior, the bruising Turman said he looked first for the chance to hit somebody en route to getting the ball downfield.
“I’m a power back but I’m also fast — I can make moves and everything,” Turman said. “Really, my power and my speed are my two keys in the game. … I ran over a lot of people, but that’s not how I got most of my yards. I had a lot of breakaway runs, normally on tosses. I had to make a couple of moves from people.”
Turman watched on television this year as Gurley and Marshall emerged as playmaking backs during their freshmen seasons. 
“The running style Georgia has and the backs they are looking for, it’s just a great fit for me,” he said. “Watching Todd and Keith and hearing about how they were when they first came and how they are now, the development they did in only a year that excited me to know they can develop me that much and make me ready to be on the field as a freshman.” 
Let's see him in action.

He may not have the top gear that Gurley does, but Turman reminds me a lot of #3 just from that video. Doesn't shy away from contact, good vision and hits the holes with authority. Easy to see how the Georgia coaches sold the kid on committing to an out of state school so early.

And regardless of what Kamara and Ford decide next week, I'm glad Turman is Athens bound.