Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Countdown to NSD - 8 days, part two

So....it's time to talk about this Johnathan Ford fella. He de-committed to Vanderbilt yesterday, not long after getting an offer from Georgia, among others.

What else do we know? Well, he's rated a three star running back out of New Hope AL and really stood out in the Alabama-Mississippi All-Star game. Although he's been committed to Coach Franklin and the 'Dores for nearly nine months he's picked up offers from several other programs of late. Sensing his stock was quickly rising, he decided to weigh his options anew. As a result he'll host many suitors this week and may take another official this weekend. As of right now the only visits other than Nashville I'm aware that he's been on are to Auburn and Tennessee.

Ford is listed as 5'11" and 190lbs. I'll let the video below speak for itself, but it appears the kid knows how to tote the rock.


Johnathan Ford
Of course, high school videos...well, when's the last time you saw a bad one? 

Reading between the lines as much as we can, we know Richt and staff want Alvin Kamara. They've pressed hard for him and appear to be in a tight two way battle with Alabama for his signature. Before Kamara left town Sunday, Richt's staff surely took a bit of time to get a temperature check from the Norcross standout. It doesn't appear as though they got the answer they wanted. And naturally many are jumping to the conclusion that Kamara's answer was along the lines of a "No thanks".

But the truth is the staff feels the need to add another running back to the fold, in addition to AJ Turman. Offering Ford puts them in better position to do that. And their recruitment of Ford extends well beyond Sunday evening. He's not just an instinctive offer.

The bottom line is that you can't count Georgia out of it with Kamara. He's an in-state prospect that they've recruited really well. It'll be an uphill battle to get his letter of intent, but it's a battle Richt and staff have been fighting in for quite some time. They're not going to quit now.

As for Ford, if the coaches can get him on campus this week for an official visit then we'll know there's a shot with him. If not, Auburn would appear to be his next destination of choice.