Wednesday, January 9, 2013

EgginDawg takes Festivus4theDawgNus

It was a close call. And much like the actual BCS game, it was decided well before Alabama finished beating Notre Dame. EgginDawg ended up edging out Evil Richt's Goatee after Arkansas State defeated Kent State late Sunday night in the Bowl. Everyone...yes, all 60 entrees had Bama winning. So much like Monday night's contest, the results of that game were a perfunctory matter.

As for me, I rallied. Having back-loaded all my confidence points on the later bowl games I was able to work my way up from 60th at one point to 13th where I finished. But like everyone else, fell short of the impressive 519 points that EgginDawg put up. So he will get the Festivus t-shirt to wear proudly next bowl season as he defends his title...and while he airs his grievances.

Kudos to Evil Richt's Goatee for entering the final stretch in the lead; Morton and rtdew for staying in contention much of the three weeks, JaxDawg for an impressive late run...and La Jolla for being at or near the top the entire time. As well as bothering me daily about who was cheating.

See y'all in December when we'll get the pole out of the crawl space for the fourth year!