Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Finebaum contemplating next move

So this snippet of news broke yesterday.

The gist of it is that a rival radio station (apparently) finally succeeded in luring away the Alabama (and national) cash cow that is The Paul Finebaum Show. As per the Cumulus contract however (which ended Monday), Finebaum must be radio silent for three months. And although there are ways around that silence it appears as if the popular host will enjoy a nice vacation before beginning a new endeavor with Cox this spring.

However, if Finebaum is truly "weighing options", what would those be?
  • offer to be a ringmaster for Ringling Bros.
  • lead investigator in South Bend
  • Tammy's sex slave...Oh! PAAAAAWWWWLLLL!!!!
  • ......
  • WalMart greeter
  • Saban's chief minion
  • used car salesman
  • Jim from Tuscaloosa's bowling partner
  • ...
  • an SEC referee (hey...he already has the hair for it, and the bias)
  • Mrs. Chizik's pool boy
  • ...