Thursday, January 17, 2013

Grantham - money vs exposure

I'll preface this with the fact that I don't know much about the Philadelphia Eagles, or the NFL as a whole for that matter. I don't know what kind of depth chart the new Eagles defensive coordinator would inherit and I don't even know what the team's record was this season.

What I do know is that Grantham and his family are very happy in Athens. Happy enough to turn down what might be a salary twice the size of his $825,000 annually at Georgia? Maybe not that happy, but it's definitely possible. But it won't be a decision solely about money. Sure, if that offer comes Grantham will have to decide first if the money is worth the restart for him and his family. But then he'll also have to decide if this move helps him professionally towards his eventual goal - to be a head coach.

Todd Grantham can definitely achieve that goal as the defensive coordinator at the University of Georgia. And after having had the pleasure of speaking to his wife recently I can assure you that the family is very happy in Athens, due in part to the family friendly environment Richt helps to foster. So if that offer comes it's not going to be a decision just about money. The seven figure NFL salary can pay a lot of bills and make life pretty comfortable. But, unless it leads to a head gig, would it be worth it?

I think that's an answer he already has in Athens. My initial feeling is that by sometime tomorrow another candidate will emerge as Kelly's top choice to be defensive coordinator of the Philadelphia Eagles. And then Grantham can go into living rooms the next two and a half weeks and tell recruits he was just too excited to be in Athens GA to leave.

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UPDATE - Here Weiszer outlines the legal jargon of Grantham's current contract and his obligations to UGA as other teams express their interest. It explains what we can expect should the Eagles come calling...officially.

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Also - from reading this story in a Philly paper two thoughts come to mind: 1) Chip Kelly definitely isn't the one doing to hiring for DC, and 2) would Grantham want to work with a GM that evidently wants complete control over personnel, drafts, trades, free agents...??