Friday, January 18, 2013

Grantham watch - day three

The silence is deafening isn't it. Almost makes me want to move forward and start thinking about replacements. Almost.

Word from the great white north is that Grantham and Kirby Smart have emerged as the candidates to be Chip Kelly's defensive coordinator with the Eagles. And evidently Grantham is the favorite, I'm sure because of his NFL experience. The only other candidate mentioned was Dan Quinn, who accepted the Seahawks' defensive coordinator position yesterday. So it would seem that the Eagles will zero in on our guy if they have not already done so.

We know for sure that Grantham was on the road recruiting yesterday, making stops to see top defensive line prospects Montravius Adams and Davin Bellamy. I don't find that unusual when you consider Philadelphia is still in the preliminary stages of this; Kelly's welcome presser was yesterday afternoon. I want to believe Grantham was reassuring these kids. And it would seem that Shaq Wiggins' (long time defensive back commitment for Georgia that has wavered some recently) announcement last night that he was done taking visits after speaking with Coach Richt would be a positive sign that there would not be a coaching search in the twilight of his recruitment. But that might be reading into things too far.

I don't know. Time will tell. It's just awfully quiet.

But I expect to hear some noise sometime this morning. Not only is Georgia in the midst of finalizing their 2013 class, but Philadelphia has the Senior Bowl to prepare for, and that starts next week. I'm sure they want a guy in place by Saturday at the latest.

So if we hear Grantham is in a high school library again today talking to a 17 year old, that's a good sign. But noise could also come from up in Philadelpia if another candidate emerges...or, a preliminary report that Todd Grantham will be the new defensive coordinator for the Eagles.

Regardless, by this time tomorrow it will be business as usual in Athens, or we'll be talking about replacements.