Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Grantham watch - week two

The only thing that is certain about the Eagles defensive coordinator search is its inherent ambiguity. Something that is characteristic of most coaching searches. But there is a feeling that the scope is narrowing. Take this tweet from NFL Network writer Albert Breer:

Now that could include Todd Grantham or eliminate him, at least initially. Having spent 11 seasons in the NFL he certainly has experience in the league that Chip Kelly could use in a coordinator.

And speaking of Kelly, he described what he's looking for in a defensive coordinator with one word - shutoutability
In today's NFL, where rules are slanted to aid offense and light up scoreboards, the shutout is becoming as extinct as the rotary phone. There wasn't a shutout in the first 13 weeks of this season. In all, there were only five, including the playoffs.
So Kelly is probably looking for a coordinator who can devise a scheme and call plays for a defense that can shut down offenses at key spots - on third down, in the red zone, and during the fourth quarter.
"Obviously, you're looking for a guy that can stop people and [can tell you] philosophically what their theory is and how they go about it," Kelly said. "But when you interview [someone], I think if you're a football guy you learn a lot, too."
Right now we only know for sure that Grantham has not interviewed. Personally I think the Eagles wanted him or another guy, maybe Quinn (hired by the Seahawks) and/or Ray Horton (signed with the Browns). They've obviously reached out to Grantham but it hasn't gone any further. Whether it stalled because of Grantham declined the interview or the Eagles moved in another direction is speculation.

And right now I would bet on the former over the latter. Like I said last week, it's not hurting recruiting that Georgia's defensive coordinator's name keeps popping up under this search. Meanwhile, Todd Damn Grantham is telling all these kids he'd just rather be in Athens.