Monday, January 7, 2013

Kwame update

The suspense of who will go to the NFL early and who will not, should end today (as expected). And actually, the only real suspense has been in Murray and Geathers. In that sense it has been a relatively tame post-season subplot.

And with Murray announcing yesterday that he'd be back for his senior season to finish his PhD and pursue more titles, we're left with Kwame. There's always been a sense that he would likely turn pro, mostly due to his family tree. And there are numerous reports from last night that he was not at the team meeting. So it will seemingly end the way we expected it to unfortunately.

I've felt like next year's defensive lineman class would be a better opportunity for Kwame to work himself into better draft position. For this April's draft there's a long list of guys that Geathers would have to prove himself against in the workouts leading up to it; guys that have had more experience at the position quite frankly. Getting a season as the top nose in Grantham's defense would only help.

But as I've also said, Kwame is 22 years old and has been in Athens a long time. There's not a long shelf life for NFL defensive tackles, why not start as soon as possible? So Geathers will make the third defensive player to leave early. And I wish him well. He may not have the experience as some of the guys he'll be competing against, but he has the size that will have many scouts drooling over.

And hey, in terms of early departures to the draft, at least it's not as bad in Athens as it is in Baton Rouge, or Knoxville.

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