Friday, January 4, 2013

Murray and Geathers

Couple weeks ago I said Kwame would be leaving Athens early. No real basis in fact, other than it's been a family tradition. Today, I see no reason to go in any other direction. In fact the only reason I can find for him to stay is that there are a good number of defensive tackles entering the draft this year. In the end, that won't be enough.

But Aaron Murray...he's a real question mark. As we discussed earlier, he can't control his height. Since the NFL came back to him with a 2nd-3rd round grade, it's not like that is going to improve considerably. I mean, I guess I could see him getting into the 1st round if every single piece of the 2013 season fell into place, he won a Heisman and beat Carolina by throwing a touchdown pass through Clowney's ear canal. But what is really left for him to improve upon that he has not already? His rushing stats are the only thing that have dropped since his freshman season instead of risen.

Sure, the reasons for Murray to stay are very real: finishing an advanced degree, chance at more individual and team accolades, another shot at the SEC title. He'd actually play next year instead of carrying a clipboard somewhere.

But, he'd be getting paid to carry that clipboard. Not that he needs the money, but he's always been a guy that likes a challenge. Is there much in Athens that is challenging him anymore? More directly, in the NFL he'd be pursuing a dream and would probably crack a lineup somewhere. So, I'm changing my tune on this one and saying he also leaves Athens early. In effect, making it a clean sweep of lost underclassmen.

Regardless, we'll know something soon. The deadline for underclassmen to declare for the NFL draft is not until January 15th. But classes begin at UGA on Monday. If we haven't heard anything definitive by then it will be interesting to see if Geathers and Murray (and Jones if you're clinging to hope) are registered for Spring Semester.


dawgfan17 said...

There is always the pull of going down as the (from a numbers stand point) greatest QB in SEC history. That is the type thing that makes one a legend. The pull of money is very great but so is the idea of doing something in your sport that no one else has. To set all the SEC records he could next year at least gives something rather large in the stay in college collumn.

Bernie said...

Yes. And that is what makes this such an intriguing decision for Murray. He's right either way. It comes down to a personal choice of where he wants to be come August. Undoubtedly he's earned either opportunity. Just a matter of which one he wants to pursue next.

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