Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Murray to Marshall

This was my favorite touchdown from yesterday. Nothing against the other scores mind you. This one just tickled my fancy a bit more. Terrific throw and catch.

It was evident that Coach Bobo used his time in December leading up to the bowl game very wisely. Lot of different formations and looks to confront Nebraska with on the way to over 500 yards and six touchdowns. And this play was one of them. Both Gurley and Marshall in the game, which to their credit Nebraska handled pretty well initially. But Murray scrambled and bought some extra time, threw a beautiful pass that Marshall plucked out of the air expertly.

Clemson. You got next?


AthensHomerDawg said...

No more crayon smackie talk. Bobo has "IMAX at 48 fps". ;-)

Bernie said...

As long as he has Gurley and Marshall I think he might be able to continue at that frame rate. But I'd feel even better if we signed about 20 big time O-linemen. Maybe 30....40...