Saturday, January 5, 2013

(not) Newsworthy

Some things I didn't get bent out of shape over this week.
  1. Taylor Martinez's pouty lip. Look, it was an emotionally charged Capital One Bowl, and the Nebraska quarterback and Shawn Williams were at the center of it. So his directed comments after getting beat down (literally, figuratively) in the 4th quarter was not surprising. Sour grapes people. He knows we own his ass. Settle down.
  2. Ray Lewis' retirement. He's one of the best football players of the modern era. But he also helped some fellow thugs get away with murder. So you know, there's that. Still, I don't get upset over the idolization of Lewis. I mean, ESPN wants him behind the desk on Sundays, so it's not like they're gonna bring up anything as mundane as a double murder trial that Fulton County botched.
  3. SEC bowl record. Of course I'm on record as being "one of those" that roots against the cohorts. So this one is easy and standard practice. But some people get so bent out of shape when national discussion turned towards the LSU/MSU/FU losses. Pundits and casual CFB fans start spouting off about how the SEC is overrated. The bottomline is we know where the men play. Let them have their fun on the playground. It's cute really.
Plus, aTm won last night. Ole Miss has a good chance against Pitt today. Then Bama does their thing...suddenly the SEC could reasonably finish 6-3.


Bulldog Bry said...

+1 on Lewis. No one ever talks about his role in that. And his apology was so empty.

Bernie said...

But Bry...he paid the victims' families a LOT of money to be able to give that empty apology!!!