Saturday, January 5, 2013

Saban leaves. Who replaces?

**preview of a post for Tuesday**

So just hours after Alabama tarnished the golden domers in an unspeakable fashion (we told y'all to stay away from Coral Gables' miniature burger eateries), head coach Nicholai Saban leaves to coach the New England Patriots. Surprise y'all! Reminds me of that day in 2002 when Spurrier resigned. Bedlam in the streets! Dark clouds lifted! Life anew in the southeast!

"Frumpy chic" is in this winter. 
So...who's next in Tuscaloosa? Of course it didn't take long to dispel the rumor that Bill Belichick was heading to Alabama when he promptly said he would finish the season in New England and then open his own clothing line alongside Giselle BΓΌndchen. 

Pick up your jaw Brady. Everyone saw that coming.

That leaves a laundry list of coaching candidates; everyone has put their name in the hat, from the absurd in Derek Dooley to the mundane in Houston Nutt. Still there's some intriguing names popping up on the radar. Wonder who PAAAAWWWWLLL!!! will pick?

  • Kirby Smart - too easy
  • Vince Lombardi - too dead
  • Major Applewhite - too young
  • Bill Parcells - too old
  • Gene Chizik - too available
  • Mark Richt - too nice
  • Bill Cowher - too unproven
  • Chip Kelly - too wide open
  • Willie Joe - too drunj
Gonna be an interesting ride. If you hear of any other names, throw em in the comments.


dawgstephen said...

Urban Meyer-- too much health issues

dawgstephen said...

Derek Dooley-- naaah!!!

AthensHomerDawg said...

I suppose Mullen is out? After the 2010 season there was some hue and cry for Mullen to replace the venerable Coach Mark Richt. Hmmmm, after his SEC record of 3-5,4-4,2-6,4-4 and the historic game in the TaxSlayer Bowl his name is no longer on the Georgia wish list.

Anonymous said...

Tuberville is reportedly intrested

Anonymous said...

Tuberville is reportedly interested.

Bernie said...

He's finishing his dinner in Cincinnati though.

HTTR said...

Mike Shanahan - too busy winning a Super Bowl!

Dawg Bref said...

Will Muschamp- too homicidal

Affirmed said...

Guess that will not be happening!!!!!!!!