Tuesday, January 8, 2013

The BCS: Katherine, Musberger and 7-leaf clovers

While watching the Fightin' Iwish unmasked as the posers we all knew they would be, I collected a few thoughts to share. You're welcome.
Your 2013 BCS title game in one picture.
  • My overall feeling last night was the same as the one I had walking away from the Georgia Dome December 1st, the true national title game was between the Tide and the Dawgs. I know that's preaching to the choir and may or may not make us feel much better. But it's a fact now, nonetheless.
  • I know what you're thinking. You haven't heard anything about Saban leaving Tuscaloosa. And you are correct. He said, "We'll be getting back to work in two days." But he didn't clarify exactly where that would be. Stay tuned.
  • Hit the Staples button. Eddie Lacy just trucked one golden dome and dodged Te'o to score again.
  • For all the grief he took, Brent Musperver* was the only entertaining part of the telecast. From his slurred words to his soliloquy aimed at boys being raised in Alabama to get out there! and throw the football around with their dad so that they can grow up and fulfill Brent's dream of bedding an Alabama beauty queen...that was just great television. All the while, Herbie chuckles in the background.
  • Overheard somewhere outside Sun Life stadium as McCarron greeted his girlfriend, "Hey AJ. I got 12 texts from someone named Brent and a voicemail from Hugh Hefner. What'd you do tonight?"
  • Did the referees in that game actually make me construct this thought: I should appreciate SEC officials a little more.
  • Seriously, why does college football adopt the NFL practice of taking commercial breaks before and after kickoffs just for these BCS games?
  • This is what the national championship game has become: a comedy. There was no drama outside of the coin flip and how bad the Pac-1? refs would botch the on field judgments.
  • Would we feel any better if the game had been close? I don't think so. Except that we wouldn't have the pleasure of laughing at the absurdity that Notre Dame football has become - media darlings still thumping their chest about a storied history that no else gives a damn about anymore.
However, eventually the discussion will move away from how poorly Notre Dame looked against a team that has actual championship-level talent that can do things like tackle and run. Yes, soon it will turn fully towards a college football introspection. How can this penultimate conclusion to the greatest of all regular seasons in sports best be set up?

Sure, there's a cute little playoff coming. But will the NCAA set a limit to the number of good teams that can enter the playoff? In other words, if the four team playoff were this season would we eventually get the rematch of the actual championship game, where Georgia gets another crack at Bama? Or will they just settle on handing out spots to undeserving teams like the one licking its wounds this morning on their way back to South Bend?

After seven straight consecutive titles for Slive and his minions, anything short of having as many deserving SEC teams in the mix as necessary should end with the SEC just saying Thanks NCAA...but we'll just use our own playground from here.
*all rights reserved because I stole that from Ben. Who undoubtedly stole it from someone else.


Ben Vaughan said...

Hey hey hey, I came up with Musperver all on my own! I think.

Bernie said...

Please. Everyone knows your better half is the only one in your house with internet access that could put that kind of thought together. I hear she is the brains behind one third of your twitter operation - [beer checkin]....[airport check in]....[WITTY COMMENT]...[beer check in]....