Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Around the tailgate - 2012 revisited

So, while I'm away we take the pulse of the tailgate. Today we're going to reminisce a little. Hope it's not too painful. My buddies sure weren't afraid to tackle this one. Get after it boys!

Thinking back to last season's South Carolina game, how surprised are you we came so close to punching our own ticket to Miami?

Joe Waterloo -  I was very surprised we pulled it together after the SC game if for no other reason because Richt hasn’t seemed to be able to hold the team’s attention the last few years following big wins or bad loses.  I’m hoping it’s a sign that he finally has the team under control again.  If he does I think we have the ability to be a regular contender again. 

 AthensHomerDawg - I think everyone is on board the bus and believing that we have the tools. We just seem to shoot ourselves in the foot.  Snake bit!

Son of AHD - Being one of the Bulldog faithful who attended that horrendous game, I can say that I never believed we would have ended up where we did. After the game I had lost all faith in UGA ever being relevant again. It’s not something I’m proud of, but it’s the truth. The Florida game got things rolling, and we never looked back.

Smoke Wagon - After SC, looking ahead at our schedule, it was definitely not out of the question that we could win out the regular season.  I knew we had a good team despite what we saw in Columbia.  However, I wasn’t sure how we would respond.  While I was way more disappointed after the SC game, I was more concerned with ending the season after the Kentucky game.  SC was devastating, but I left there knowing we had a good team that had gone into a perfect storm and done everything wrong.  However, after the Kentucky game, I was just pissed that our team could play that poorly under those conditions. In the Kentucky game, we looked like a bad team.  So looking back to that game, I have to say I was pretty surprised that we could turn out to be team that we saw in the Georgia Dome.

Namaman - I was surprised especially after how out of that game we were.  I know who does not ever get to go to Columbia again!  I truly felt like we matched up well against everyone on our schedule, so winning the remainder of the games was never really out of the question.  Lattimore getting hurt again helped ensure that the cards all fell in to place as we needed help to make it to the Dome.  We did start to peak at the right time I believe to be ready for Alabama... 5 yards........