Friday, February 22, 2013

Around the tailgate - the long, cold winter of our discontent

So, while I'm away we take the pulse of the tailgate. Let's start with the off season blues.

First of all, we all have our own ways of coping with loss, a cold turkey quit from our own personal heroin. I'm speaking of course of college football and its months and months of dormancy. I know you all to be avid Georgia football fans. So how much do you unplug in the off-season? And if so, when do you start to pick up the momentum again for the next season? 

Joe Waterloo - Typically by time the last bowl game is over I’m ready for a break from college football.  I follow the NFL like everyone else, but not with nearly the same level of enthusiasm.  I’ll take a peek at national signing day but really don’t get too caught up in it or spring practice.  Once the kid’s summer swim league ends in mid-July I start getting the itch for football and by the beginning of August I’m like my 6 year old watching Christmas fast approaching. 

AthensHomerDawg - After the real National Championship game, much like every other Dawg fan I was disappointed and could not bring myself to watch the replay. After a while acceptance set in.  I watched the bowls and watched Bama spank Notre Dame. I'll begin to catch a gear when spring training gets here and we can discuss roster depth on the D side. 

Son of AHD - Many tears were shed after the SEC “National” Championship. I completely shut myself away from all things football related as I tried to cope with the haunting questions related to the two word sentence “What if?”. To this day I still refuse to discuss the game. My salvation arrived in Orlando as the Dawgs devoured the corn pickers. When the season is over, it’s all about using the significant dates in between to keep you going. I spent most of Signing day on my laptop watching the commits roll in. I’ve been following every headline waiting to stroll back into beautiful Sanford in March for the G Day game. I can’t unplug during the offseason. I just have to use as much as I can to scratch that itch until football season starts again.

Smoke Wagon -  I definitely unplug a bit during the off season.  The last couple of years I have started following recruiting more than I had in the past, so that keeps me tuned in until after signing day and whatever few days of drama follows signing day.  I haven’t moved to the basement or anything or started paying for recruiting services so that I can be an “Insider” or anything like that.  I guess when you consider how much some people bury themselves into recruiting, you might not characterize my interest as “following closely”.  I am not breaking down any high school film.  I do recognize the importance of recruiting and think that our success in the fall is very dependent on our success on signing day.   However, I can only stand so much soap opera drama.  When we miss out on a recruit that was perceived as a huge blue chipper, I am disappointed that we missed out on a talent that could have worn the silver britches, but I am really more disappointed that I had wasted whatever amount of time, consideration, effort, emotion, or anything else invested in this kid that is now a gator, saban worshiper, tiger, eagle, plain man, rebel, bear, or whatever other foe that they have decided to endear themselves to.  They automatically have become the enemy and I feel dirty for any previous desires to have the kid on our team.  Because of this feeling, I try not to get invested too much in recruiting.

Namaman -  I play lots of tennis and spend time with the family on the weekends as much as possible since that all changes in the Fall again.  Things start getting REAL in August when the kids school starts back up and all of the preseason rankings and polls come out.