Sunday, February 3, 2013

Countdown to NSD - 4 days

Sorry for that woe is me post yesterday. Bourbon don't make you do a thing, it just lets you.

Back on point there are a few things I wanted to share. Most notably an excellent article on a former Dawg that went through a pretty intense recruitment. More on that in a minute.

Some quick hitters. Laremy Tunsil is said to be weighing his options. Georgia is still in it of course. I mean hell, he was having the greatest time of his life a couple weeks ago playing paintball with the boys in Athens. But it's clear Ole Miss leads. And while that may not make $ense it may certainly make cent$.

FWIW...color Brandon Kublanow shocked.

We're no longer recruiting Toby Johnson, the JUCO defensive tackle. I believe we have wanted him to commit for a while and he just hasn't been willing to do so. His decision isn't coming until well after Wednesday though. So something could possibly change. Possibly. But right now we're moving on and concentrating completely on Montravius Adams.

Fab Fly Freddie!
Brendan Douglas flipping from Tech to Georgia is drawing some interesting conclusions. One of the ones that was too quick and easy was that Alvin Kamara had told UGA coaches he would not be signing with Georgia (Douglas was offered as a running back). But I can tell you that we are still in it for the Norcross star, very much so. In fact he's going to be getting a LOT of mail over the weekend.

Okay, so Ching had a long Q&A ($) that looked back on Fred Gibson's recruitment. The Waycross star was always leaning towards Spurrier's gators, but also felt the pressure to go to in state Georgia. So he made his decision in much the same way another highly recruited star from Georgia did...he flipped a coin.
...I had no clue in the world what school I was going to go to that morning. So what I did was, I wanted to go to Florida so bad at the same time and other people wanted me to go to Georgia, and it was so much pressure that that morning I flipped a coin. If it landed on heads, I was going to Florida. If it landed on tails, I was going to Georgia. I flipped that coin and it landed on tails and so I decided Georgia and I signed a letter of intent that morning and that’s how it panned out.
It's a great question/answer piece. Check it out. Otherwise, hold on tight. Gonna be a fun few days!