Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Countdown to NSD - And then there was 1

Later today I'll have a primer posted to get you ready for tomorrow, specifically what you can expect to be posted here as well as some updates heading into the final hours.

But yesterday I promised a closer look at new offensive line target George Adeosun. Offensive line is a crucial position to continued success for Georgia. Currently the Dawgs have commitments from three offensive linemen: Brandon Kublanow who projects to be a center, Josh Cardiello a guard and Alden Bynum a tackle.

If you are unaware, Adeosun was offered Friday capping what has been a frenzied two weeks for the Alpharetta native. Up until a January 18th offer from Virginia, Adeosun was committed to William and Mary. He's an AP student at Alpharetta High and a good kid by all indications; a large prospect at 6'5" and 305 lbs, but he's considered fairly raw in his skills. His recruitment has obviously mirrored that as FBS programs are just now seeing his potential as a future lineman.

From what little I've seen, his high school's offense is entirely from a shotgun/spread look where Adeosun worked mostly at right tackle, some at guard. He looks more comfortable in pass protect and they move him around a lot in the running game so he's used to pulling on counters and shifting on inside traps. Although he appears to be in need of some time to develop, what I really like is that he is pretty diverse in his skill set already. Just needs some polishing.

But here, judge for yourself.

You can see more of his highlights by clicking here. Again, great size, good ability, seems to be aggressive when he needs to be in finishing blocks and athletic enough to help develop plays downfield. You see a number of times when he puts his initial assignment to the ground and then gets downfield to block for the screen pass.

I can understand the comparisons to Kenarious Gates, at least in terms of the timing of Adeosun's offer. But those are big shoes to fill when you think back to how well Gates did early as a freshman. I dojn't see any question that Adeosun can play at the SEC level. The only question will be how soon he develops into that player.

Overall, very glad he likes Georgia and really hope he signs with us tomorrow.