Wednesday, February 13, 2013

February fretfulness precedes any madness

If next month is madness, this month has to be something else. Before you even get to a March Madness bracket you have to trudge through February with its groundhogs, bipolar weather patterns and chocolate covered, rose petaled holiday. It's hard to look forward to any March Madness 2013 betting when a rodent is trying to outdo the weatherman and your Valentine has the flu.

In short, February sucks.

Speaking of bipolar, there's also Georgia basketball. Hoop Dawgs dropped a hard one at home to Alabama last night to end an impressive winning streak. It was painful to watch (other than the first five minutes or so) and frustratingly recognizable. After 30 minutes of toils and troubles, continuously failing to find any answer to the Crimson Tide's luke warm attack, Fox's Dawgs finally ran out of time.

It was a disheartening loss for the team and fans alike. Fox was clearly agitated after the game and only gave an abbreviated post game press conference before leaving. It's just not a good sign for a team that is teetering on the brink of being all but eliminated from post season invites.

Still, there's promising signs as well. A team that was playing at its peak the last couple of weeks had chances to steal the win away at the end; they didn't just give up hope and falter completely. There was the run at the start that saw Georgia sprint to a early double digit lead, as well as the fact that the Dawgs out-rebounded the Tide 41-33. It's just that the hard work on the boards and the burst of points at key moments wasn't enough to produce a sixth consecutive win.

Personally, I have some heavy questions regarding the program on my mind. I keep shewing them out because they're not appropriate at this time. But they're similar to questions I've had for over 20 years. Yet the focus must remain on today. So now we must fret through some difficult road tests in Oxford, Fayetteville and Nashville plus a home tilt against the Gamecocks before we get to March's home stretch.

Will we still be in any post season discussion? I don't know. The door closed a little bit last night. It's harder to see now.