Thursday, February 21, 2013

Free Kolton Houston failed

UPDATE - UGA clarifies Houston's status as still on scholarship and hoping for eligibility to be restored. Just not on roster.

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Kolton Houston "currently" not on the team.
Offensive lineman Kolton Houston, who has yet to play in college while ruled ineligible by the NCAA, is off the Georgia football team for now.
Houston is “currently not with the team,” Georgia spokesman Claude Felton confirmed this morning.
He has remained ineligible for testing positive for a performance enhancing substance banned by the NCAA. Georgia has said that Houston was unknowingly given a substance banned by the NCAA–the anabolic steroid Norandrolone–after sustaining a shoulder injury playing for Buford High School.
Houston, who first tested positive in April, 2010 after enrolling for the spring semester, practiced with the team last fall while trying to reach an appropriate threshold that would restore his eligibility, but was away from practice at times as well.
This story does nothing but make you want to point fingers. And what really sucks about it is you can point it towards a lot of people, none of which includes the player.