Monday, February 18, 2013

Georgia's biggest games in 2013

How cute, and very bleacher reportish. Did y'all know the AJC now gives its clickers slides shows as news stories?

Anyway, they list the 10 most intriguing SEC games for 2013. Georgia's big three games are there: Florida, USCe and LSU. To further the argument I would rank them in that exact order.

But to be perfectly honest, I almost feel as if the game against the Gamecocks is even bigger than the WLOCP. Almost. I mean, just as we've recently been able to make the annual game in Jacksonville a rivalry again, Spurrier has done the same with their game against Georgia. Losing three in a row to Carolina has been embarrassing. And last year's loss in Columbia left a very acrid taste in the mouth.

But still, the game against the gators will always be the most important one on the schedule, right?