Thursday, February 7, 2013

Grantham, from Athens to Nola and back

So Grantham is interviewing with the New Orleans Saints. This has now officially been confirmed.

Couple weeks ago I asked that you have faith, even though I have no direct knowledge of his intentions nor any teams' interested in him. Now I'm amending that statement somewhat.

I still feel that Grantham is in Athens next year. This Saints position is one he can interview for and accept without any contractual penalty. It's an NFL gig and by and large he's still considered an NFL guy. So why do I think he's staying?

Grantham doesn't want another coordinator job, he wants a head job. So the question is really, does he need another coordinator job in order to get the offer he wants? I think that answer is no. And I stand beside the fact that his family is very happy in Athens. In 2011 he took his defense to new heights statistically and his players while in Athens have enjoyed much NFL attention. So personally and professionally, he's doing quite well here.

Flying out to interview with New Orleans creates even more buzz and makes his agent happy at the very least. Teams see that and realize that he's making himself available to opportunities. When the right one comes along he'll be better prepared for it.

So, Grantham will stay in Athens. But he won't be here long.