Wednesday, February 6, 2013

National Signing Day Liveblog 2013

Welcome to National Signing Day coverage for 2013! Hope you didn't fall for any Grantham to [insert NFL team name here] rumors last night. Remember what I've been telling you all along and we'll be okay.

So, what are you getting into here? Glad you asked. Here are the links to previous NSD posts, both live and semi-live: 2012 2011  2010  2009. That's right! This is the FIFTH ANNUAL NSD LIVEBLOG! It's come a long way since the early days back in 2009. Today you'll find some polls, tweets, comments and archived pics and videos to entertain you while we wait for the fax machine to start churning.

If you comment, please bear with me. This is the best liveblog app I could find, but unfortunately the moderator (me) has to approve each comment. If I'm driving or something is happening on the floor, it might take a few minutes for me to click publish on your comment. Be patient and feel free to ask questions. Especially all you Disney Dawgs!

Also, once the coaches come out to speak, we'll pretty much have radio silence here as I work to get position on a good video angle. I'll publish that video for you to see before I break for lunch. And as always, most of this depends on me being able to "borrow" a little WiFi from Wally Butts and Harry Mehre. Wish me luck!

Enough of that stuff. Let's get this started! Sit back. Hit the F5 key as often as you like, but the liveblog window refreshes automatically. Go Dawgs!