Friday, February 8, 2013

NSD Review - the Grantham and Garner effect

Distractions during recruiting's final stretch are like kryptonite. They're a buzz kill and momentum's cancer. You're kissing her like the french people taught you to do. And you've got your one hand on the small of her back, you lean in a little further...and BAM! The porch light comes on.

Wait, what were we doing? I don't know. Can I call you tomorrow? Ok then. Good night and what not...

Yes, Rodney Garner leaving was instrumental in losing the signature of Montavius Adams. But would Bellamy have come on campus if Garner hadn't have left town? I think you can make an argument that we lost out on just one recruit due to Garner's departure. And there's also a feeling that the future in recruiting is better now that he's moved on.

But yeh, losing one of Georgia's top players to a program we've completely dominated the last two seasons....ugh, that cuts deep.

I admit that at first I was fine with the mystery of Grantham's future hanging out there like a gray cloud that you know is going to blow over just fine. Plus the coaches could point to it and say "See kid, our guy is getting all this attention yet he just wants to coach your scrawny little ass."

But it lingered too long. If we as fans were just a little uneasy, I can only imagine how a kid felt. Or his momma. If we had lost Bellamy somehow this would've really stuck in some people's craws. But overall I think it hurt us very. very little.

It all was awkward in the very least. I really thought Garner left at a good time, with plenty of days left to hire a replacement and reassure anyone we needed to. But that turned out to be more of a hurdle than we thought. And Grantham's headlines were like a gnat somewhere south of Macon. That sucker just wouldn't let up. Yet all in all, it seems like only Montavius Adams' signature was affected.